all the Kahlil Hill buzz....

nothing new announced on the transaction page, and nothing on the roster either.

whats the deal?

chml's ticat page has a tiny thing about him but thats it. i thought this would be hudge. :?

give it some time, they just signed a new GM of course its gonna take some time for the process to set in.

no worries, he's on the "roster" page of this site, just still nothing on the transactions page.

(btw, #87 is still available for THE THRILL!!!)

ssshhhhhhhh.... don't let davon fowlkes hear you say that.

Apparently he's wearing #5 .... it isnt being used :slight_smile:

Id rather see Folkes out on the field in replacement of Quinnie

What is a "hudge"?

A lot of transactions have been posted a day or two late this summer. I noticed this when Corey Holmes was reactivated for the second game against Saskatchewan the day after the game. Presumably, they have to clear the CFL head office before they get posted on the website.

I, for one, am very happy to see Hill back.

I thought they retired that number.

Thrill did not practice today. Did not run any of the offence or kick returns.
He must really be hurting.

You don't know what a "hudge" is Mayor?
One might also pose the question, "What is a Makavelli?"

I don't think this guy majored in English, but he's cute, so lets keep him around!

I see that he is now listed at number 7 on the roster

im cute :stuck_out_tongue: lol

did he practice today?