All the Hamilton teams nicknames

Feel free to add some if I missed any:

( The two teams merged )
Black and Gold
Beasts of the east ( Back in the day Jerry Anderson, Ben Zambiasi. Leroy Paul , Harold Woods, Paul Bennet, Grover Covington, Mike Walker)

Pussycats… there WERE some years… sigh

lol my dad used to call them the Pussycats when we were young. There were some rough years in the 80’s and 90’s

Balsam Street Bengals

This wins for most cringeworthy

I cant think of the name of the guy who always used it but it was awful every time

don’t forget the Hamilton Alerts from way way back when

Too funny my dad always teased me calling them the Pussy Cats . I could not blame him at times

You’re thinking of a guy who wrote for the Spec 20 or so years ago, and I don’t remember who it was. But agreed, he did it to death.

That’s sounds all too familiar!

Ken Peters.

He was always more interested in the restaurants he would visit on the road than football. A total hack.

Graham, Hennessey, and if can overlook the missing ‘k’ then Grigsby.

Any others?

(And yes, I am being pedantic.)

Ken Peters, I think.