All The Fuss About The #2 QB

I would like know what all the fuss is about the lions #2 QB?

I mean come on who cares about the number 2 QB when they have the leagues best QB. All this media attention on the "BIG BATTLE" for the backup job. A lovely headline reads "PIERCE GETS CALL AS NO. 2 QB" Jackson gets demoted on Lions depth chart.

The big fuss is that DD gets injured pretty easily and they need someone to able to do what Casey Printers was able to last year.

Casey Printers??? Don't you mean Buck Pierce!!!! If I remember correctly Casey had his shoulder injury most of the season, and Buck was in there.

Casey Printers didn’t really play that much year(injured most of the season w/ shoulder injury). It was '04 where he stepped in and had all his big games.

Oups yeah! My bad...

Jackson had a better training camp, so he got the #2 job. Trouble was, the games he played in this year, he really didn't do much. So I guess Wally went back to Pierce who won that road game in Saskatchewan last year.