All the best wishes Ti-Cats in Winnipeg!!!!

All the best wishes to our Ti-Cat players, coaches and staff heading into tomorrows BIG GAME in Winnipeg!! Let our Ti-Cat Pride and Steel town toughness prevail in a Win against Winnipeg and bring home the playoff berth for for the fans in Hamilton next week.

All Ti-Cat fans are proud of you and behind you so lets bring home a big victory tomorrow!! This Ti-Cat team deserves nothing but the very best, So let's Eat The Bombers Raw and bring Home the playoffs to the HAMMER!!! GO GET EM BOYS!!!

Although I am skeptical about the game I want the cats to absolutley dominate and show the rest of they league they are the real deal. I soo want a home playoff game, because if we end up playing against BC im fairly certain we will win, and I-W-S will be INSANE

EAT EM RAW ! :thup: :rockin:

I agree. Win after win it's always oh, I don't wanna make any excuses but so and so wasn't playing for BC so that gave Hamilton a huge advantage, I don't wanna make any excuses but so and so had the flu which gave Hamilton a huge advantage against SSK. Yeah, I forgot. We just ride the luck train into the playoffs, none of it was because we are a good football team. Maybe making it to the east final will get some credit thrown this way but probably not.

Cat's, just know the Hamilton fans are with you tomorrow, We believe!
Doc 8)