All the best to Danny Mac in your retirement

Thanks dude for the memories ... you are a proven winner and turned this franchise around when you arrived in 1998.

Hopefully we will see you around the stadium this summer.

I wish Danny all the best. He did so much for this team and this community. He's a class act on and off the field.

Congratulations Danny!!!

What a career!!! Outstanding performances on and off the field and a five year wait to downtown Hamilton again in the form of a bust.

You'll be missed around the league, but I have a suspicion we'll be "seeing" or "hearing" (5th Quarter with TM??)from you very soon.

Edit...from TSN...

All the best Danny.

Should be quite a ceremony when he's inducted into the CFL Hall of Fame. One of the very best in our franchise history.

great football player and an even better person.

congrats Danny...can't wait till your retirement party!!! have fun...did Danny have his Baby yet?? cheers Man

wish the tabbies signed him for day and he retired a cat.

Well said!

I believe this a perfect segue for Danny to enter broadcasting on a full-time basis. I am looking forward to TSN's coverage even more this year now that Danny is on board.

If he can develop in the way Ron Lancaster did in the booth, he will have a great career in broadcasting. He should offer plenty of insight to the telecasts, indeed.

All the best, Danny!

Oski Wee Wee,

All the best Danny thanks for all the great memories of your great career.

Broadcasting? Are you kidding? What a waste of talent that would be!!! He'd make a great QB coach for all those young guys with quite a bit of potential. He's seen it all, done it all. It'd be great to see the Cats hire him as QB coach. Bring him back as a guest coach during training camp and see how it goes.

An Argo-Cat fan

Congratulations on a Great Career and whatever you decide to do now, I know you will give 100%.

All the best D’Mac!

One more thought: I will miss Danny's naked bootleg play: an act of derring-do that ranks up there in my list of ingeniousness with Bruce Lee's "six-inch punch" and Red Green's uses for duct tape! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Danny running the naked bootleg made watching O.J. in a white Bronco road chase seem like the Indy 500, but I digress! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

All the best to Danny Mac - one of the classiest guys to have been associated with the CFL - on or off the field.

While I too will be happy to see Danny immortalized in bronze, I believe he'll go into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame - currently the CFL does not have a "Hall" of it's own.

Congratulations and many thanks!

What a pro!

The CFL was a much better league with him and will be lacking a little class without him.

However, he is a true natural for TSN and will be an absolute pleasure to listen to. I am also sure he will be a great ambassador for the league as well.

All the best to a true gentleman and one of the classiest, nicest guys the CFL has ever known.

from what ive seen and read coaching wasnt something that interested him. anyways good luck on ur future and thanks for bringing a few yrs of respect back to this franchise

Congratulations, Danny!

It's great to hear you are going be staying
in the game you love after retirement.

It's great for us fans, too Danny,
that one of the really good guys
won't be dropping out of sight.

Going by the a great job you have done
stepping into the booth to do game analysis
for play off games over the last few years,

you are sure to make a smooth transition
and do a fantastic job analyzing CFL games
for TSN on a full time basis now, Danny.


Watch out on the sidelines though.

some of those veteran D-lineman
may have a hard time remembering
that you have retired. :smiley:

Thanks for the 99 grey cup and good luck as either a broadcaster or coach (someone needs to teach those young punks how to run a bootleg properly).

Good luck Danny and thanks for all those great years in football.

I loved watching you play Danny, and you and Earl are my all time favs.So many times you pulled a rabbit out of a hat . To many times at the end you were forced to play with turkeys . You showed class right to the end and i`m sure you always will .

Between you and I, wasnt thier one certain receiver at the end who tried to show you up on the field that you wouldnt of minded popping ???