All the best to Andre Proulx

Just saw this re-tweet by Dave Campbell. Had no idea it was that serious. All the best to him. :thup:

Wow is right, here's hoping for a speedy recovery Andre and seeing you back on the field real soon. :thup:

...hopin' all those people who casually tossed the "what kind of person can't take the heat" comments have a slight sour taste in their mouths right now. Hope he is well soon.

In all wellness/recovery to Andre Proulx. Last update I found he left last nights game; but at that time [early stmptoms] he was overcome from the 26 C heat - thus can take a given person down fairly Quickly.

speedy recovery Andre.

Best wishes on a speedy recovery.

Not a fan of Proulx but sorry to hear this. All I heard on the broadcast last night was heat related. Might have been deliberate misinformation by the league last night while they got in touch with his family. Wouldn't want his family to hear that from a TV announcer.

Best wishes to him.

Get well soon :thup: :thup: :thup:

Get well soon :cowboy:

No doubt that heat can wear a man down. I wish him a swift recovery. We need him back on the field.

As above. Speedy recovery. He's our guy. He's one of the cfl family. :thup:

Wishing Andre a speedy recovery!!!!

Get well soon

Andre will be back Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Frencher :slight_smile: They can rebuild him :lol:

What a classy post... :roll:

Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Andre...

Best wishes