All the best coach Pao Pao and coach K

All the best to two great guys and coaches.
Wished it could have worked out better here in Hamilton for you's. Hope you find success down the road. :cowboy:

here here.

Maas better improve with this move . Alot of weight on his shoulders if they lost their jobs because of him.
Good luck Jason… for everyones sake.

It will take time. How effective was your workplace the first day a new boss walked in?

sorry , did I miss something?
Who's the new boss?

I agree with Geo.
Maas has to produce now. It's understood that he will have to adjust to the new offence, but it will be vanilla.....much like the one used in training camp.
Three quality coaches have been let it's time for the offence to perform. :cowboy:

Maas would have been producing all year if they weren't constantly throwing 40 yard passes (39 yards outside, 1 yard upfield). The o-line was also not giving him any time.
Give Maas a break, he is not the only one on the team screwing up.

you're right but he's the main one.

How many times do we have to hear it will take time. Like Darren Flutie said on the broadcast. Qb,s and receivers should gell in training camp. Not week 10

Hey, I watched Henry Burris the other night in Montreal and he had the pressure in his face most of the night. The guy was reading the blitz and getting the ball down field to the receivers. Lets put it this way........under pressure, he was getting the job done any way he could. A good QB finds ways to move the team.
Lets hope Maas can get the job done. He's had time to throw the ball at times but couldn't find open receivers....he has to start moving the offence. :cowboy:

So you and Geoffrey are expecting results right away, are you? They plan to change the offensive scheme ( simplify it :lol: ). A head coach who says he needs to "learn" the offense, plus two others who are now thrust into the coordinator role(s) We have three people, all with different perspectives, telling Jason and the offense what to do. Sounds like a Chinese fire drill to me

Two very fine gentlemen in my opinion.....

And very few know this but Coach K was quickly becoming one of this area's best fishermen....he was a "salmon" junkie down on the Niagara River....and out on Lake Ontario.....and he loved to share his catch too!....yummmmmmmmm!

I really wish it had worked out for Joe and Kani.....absolutely super guys and very gracious!

Thanks for giving it a good try with us! :thup:

You'll be missed! :cry:

Those are my sentiments exactly, buckwheat.

Let's keep buckwheat's thread on topic.

i think what you meant to say was "all the best to two great guys. who were coaches. here's hoping the argos are dumb enough to hire either of you."

Well, I have criticized these two this season and I have figured that they might not be with the team for much longer. But now, I'm not sure what to say. I do wish them well, and it's not easy to see people get fired, no matter how necessary the firing might be.

I'll comment more on this and other things that have happened later on. There have just been so much news and so many threads in so little time. For now, I'll just wish them good luck in the future.