All The Best Adriano...

I'm really stunned to hear about the Belli trade.. but I want to wish Adriano all the best in Montreal!!

You've always been great to us fans and a complete class act. We'll miss you!!

At the risk of unleashing the wraith of the fanbase, I'll agree with C on this one. All the best, Adriano, you'll be missed.

Ditto ! All the best Adriano .

The Belli sideshow returns to Montreal.

Good riddance, meathead.

Best of luck, Adriano.

Good Luck Adriano :slight_smile:

I wish the big fellow the best of luck. It didn’t work out in Steel town. One thing for sure, you can’t (or shouldn’t) question his heart. On a different team, with an offense that put up points, Belli could have been a real leader. A Mosca type presence whose fire and energy has good and bad sides. On a team that is getting whacked week in and week out, it was never going to work. I know one thing, its a good thing we’re finished with Montreal for the season. The big cat will be hunting fresh meat when we next meet!

Not surprised by this move... fans were livid with his bad penalties over the past few games. Wish him well , except when the Als play us.

At this stage of your career, it might be a good time to learn some basic football fundamentals.
Fundamental #1 Stop taking dumb penalties. #2 Hold your temper.
#3 Stop embarrassing the fans and your team mates.
Good luck and good riddance!

Mariposa sales...down in Hamilton but up in Montreal!!

One heck of a talent if he can stop getting penalties.

Your a solid play Adriano wish we could of had a better team around you !!!

Best of luck Adriano. You were one of the only guys playing with heart on this team. I'm not going to miss the "Adrian O'Belli" announcements though... lol

Belli's play this year was every bit as confusing and difficult to deal with as the rest of the team and coaching staff. In his case it was heart and hard play mixed up with a real lack of discipline.

Was one more valuable than the other IN THIS SITUATION? To me it seems like it was a bit of a wash but perhaps the staff feel that Belli's heart wasn't motivating others while his lack of discipline set a negative example that spread.

Like everything else with the team- a confusing and messy situation.

I can't believe the Cats traded Belli but Good Luck and we will miss you!!

Joe and Savannah

Have fun being on a winning football team.

hit the road jack, and dont come back, no more no more no more no more!!, hit the road jack and dont come back no more!

and take playmaker with you.

adriano, you'll be missed, playmaker wont be.

come on man, i was joking, hopefully he will get a nice playoff run with MTL. :thup:

Ya Adriano your 15 yard penalties you are always taking will be missed by the team.........................

I'm not joking! Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

Glad you're gone!