All the bad calls in one thread.

Here's the fumble recovery with the phantom offside

The P.I. that should have put them on the one!

I don't really know who touched the ball last but there was no evidence to overturn the call

This is my favorite. Watch the ball! The center drops it, it rolls a couple of feet, he picks it back up again and no procedure call

There was a flag on the play but it was a cheep hit on Cahoon nevertheless

Ro, I'm beyond being surprised at the officiating. Last night, Tony Miles gets drilled by Auggie Barrenechea well before the ball arrives, resulting in an INT for Edmonton and a subsequent TD. No pass interference call, nothing. It happened in the MIDDLE OF THE FIELD right where the ball was later thrown, but there was no flag.

They'll overlook blatant infractions that lead to big plays, but make up phantom offside calls that negate big plays. 'Incompetence' doesn't even do them justice at this point.

It's pretty well a given that the deck is stacked against visiting eastern teams when they are playing out west. I knew, beforehand, that they would uphold the Calgary challenge on that fumbled punt return...even though there was no conclusive proof that the original call (Montreal ball) should be reversed.
What I found particularly galling was that biased prick Glen Suitor cheering on Shannon James after he made that cheap shot on Bratton after the ball was on the ground. The game was all but over, Bratton was playing hurt.
If the situation had been reversed, Montreal would have been called for unnecessary roughness, for sure!

Danpel, we just have to get used to it. Not only do we Als fans have to put up with almost zero coverage on TSN -- their hash marks are updated frequently for other teams, almost never for us -- but there is no partisanship on the network for us at all. They didn't hesitate to rip into Kai Ellis when he horse-collared Bishop in the Als-Argos game a few weeks ago, but they'll praise Shannon James for a dirty hit because, hey, it's only some guy named Bratton from the Als. :roll:

I am STILL trying to figure out how we were offside on the first penalty.

Discipline, you nailed it right on the head! Remember that game a couple of weeks ago between the Als and Argos? All the panel did, for the entire halftime segment, was heap praise on Toronto...and the Als proceeded to bury them 32-14.
And I was wrong to call Suitor a biased prick. I was being far too tactful. He's slime.

oops forgot to add the clip for the hit on Cahoon

I agree, I knew they would give the ball back to calgary

2 things:

1st: I wish that the Alouettes would send a DVD with those 2 hits. They were unecessary and could of hurt someone real bad. Its not like Cahoon was at the 1 yard line and still running, he as in the endzone for a good 2 secs before that homer ran him over for absolutely no reason. And second was the hit on Bratton. Ball was dropped 2 secs later he gets nailed for absolutely no reason. Something has to be done about these plays because someone is gonna end up in a wheelchair with these unecessary hits.

2nd: You think TSN is bad? Jesus if u watch the game in french. Vercheval is always ripping and talking crap about the players and the team. Rarely when something good hi done he says anything good. Im sure u guys all know the trick. Start on a channel and if there losing flip it to the other channel for luck? Very soon im gonna turn of the t.v and listen to Moffat and Proudfoot on CJAD!

Ps: I hope Al's managment is reading this. PLAY KHALIL CARTER and ETIENE BOULAY full time!! They are both big time players that can change a game around by themselves!

Tony Proudfoot can no longer announce the games, he has been replaced by Ed Philion.

Oh, I didn't know that...poor guy :frowning:

Last interview I saw he seemed to be in good shape, just had problems speaking

the bad officiating doesnt surprise me....did u watch the Edmonton-Hamilton game? How the hell do you miss a reciever getting drilled in the middle of the field before the ball was even thrown? then how the hell was the roughing the kicker call missed?

and that hit on cahoon was horrible.....there should be a suspension handed out for that