All Teams Under Cap

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TORONTO -- An extensive audit process has confirmed that all eight teams were under the Canadian Football League’s $4.3 million salary cap for 2011, the league announced today.

“The success of our Salary Management System underlines our teams’ commitment to putting a great product on the field and following sound business principles at the same time,? said Commissioner Mark Cohon.

“The work our Board of Governors and our football leaders have done on this issue is an important building block in our league’s strong foundation.?

While the level of compliance has been consistently high, this marks the first time all CFL clubs have been under the cap since it was introduced in 2007.

The system’s review process includes detailed field audits of all eight clubs twice per year, once during the CFL season and once following its completion. Teams are also required to provide regular updates on compensation levels at the 6-game, 12-game and 18-game point of the season.

The salary cap for the 2012 season is $4.35 million.

Under the provisions set by the league’s Board of Governors, teams are fined one dollar for every dollar they exceed the cap up to 100,000 dollars, and two dollars for every dollar they exceed the cap between 100,000 and 300,000 dollars, plus the loss of the team’s first round draft pick. Teams are fined three dollars for every dollar they exceed the cap beyond 300,000 dollars, and they lose their first two draft selections.

As no team exceeded the cap in 2011, the order for the May 3rd CFL Canadian Draft (live on TSN at 3pm ET) is not affected. It remains (barring trade) for the first round:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders.
  2. Edmonton Eskimos (via trade with Toronto).
  3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
  4. British Columbia Lions (via trade with Montreal).
  5. Calgary Stampeders.
  6. Edmonton Eskimos.
  7. Forfeited (by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers when they chose to take Kito Poblah in last year’s supplemental draft).
  8. British Columbia Lions.

The 2012 CFL season is the road to the 100th Grey Cup game, which will be played Sunday, November 25 in Toronto. It opens with RONA Canada Day Kickoff Weekend when the Hamilton Tiger-Cats host the Saskatchewan Roughriders at 7 pm ET on Friday, June 29, a contest that pits Hamilton free agent signing Andy Fantuz against his old team, followed at 10:00 pm ET by a rematch of the 99th Grey Cup, with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers visiting the British Columbia Lions.

Opening weekend continues on Saturday June 30 when the Toronto Argonauts and their prized off-season acquisition Ricky Ray visit the Edmonton Eskimos, with whom Ray established himself as an elite quarterback. Week One wraps up on Canada Day, July 1, with the Montreal Alouettes visiting Calgary to take on the Stampeders.

Good to see.

Absoulutely meaningless... Teams are now just over spending on NFL coaches now instead. The salary cap for players means nothing when you have richer teams like the Riders offering seven figure contracts to lure back old coaches... You still have Toronto bleeding money because they seem hell bent on paying for 2 coaches every season. Unless there is a management salary cap then not only is a player salary cap useless... but it is also unfair. Before the SMS came in... Assistant coaches used to live in Head Coaches basement because their salary was so low that they could not afford their own place... Now with the SMS in place most assistant coaches are of NFL pedigree and ALL make six figure plus... How is this fair that really good players who litterally put their lives on the line, are getting cut constantly so teams can adhere to the cap, yet coaches get huge raises every year off of the players backs? if I have this straight then, you'd prefer to go back to paying coaches next to nothing, so they have to live off friends generosity in their basements?

No CFL team over the CAP.

Many CFL teams made a profit in , 2011.

Things are looking up in Southern Ontario. An almost sold out 2012 GREY CUP in Toronto.


Some people just can't handle success. :wink:

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Rider haters!!

Well, when you finish dead last in the league, you damn well better be under the cap.

Yes I would love to see this if I could atleast name 10 players off of every team.I would much rather see the money go to the players that were actually the most talented and not to the players who played for the least money...
It would not bother me nearly as much if the coaches we hired were Canadians ,who actually wanted the jobs instead of Americans who had never even heard of Canadian Football, and sign contract only to bail on them a week later.... This happened 4 times this off season, where an American coach bailed on his team...
The worst was in BC where a Super Bowl dude(lets line up and give him %^&^) signed a contract, only to then walk away from the team... but instead of hiring a Canadian coach, who coached Canadian Footbal for 20 years in In CIS, the Lions went out and hired the Super Bowl Dudes twin brother, who had never coached a single minute of Canadian Football.... but he won a Super Bowl Just pathetic... What a pathetic country Canada is to allow this @#%

How in $%^& do we allow ourselves to be squatters in our own country... The Vancouver Olympics could not even hire a Canadian to run the show... We had to go to Scotland to hire John Furlong to run our show.... In countries like Singapore and Dubai they bring in forign workers to do their crap jobs like cleaning and city work.... In Canada,are the dummies that do all of the low paying jobs like cleaning and city work, and we hire forigners to run our oil and gas industry ,to run our government services, and to run our sports enterprises... We litterally are bit@hes in our own country....
Go to Calgary's downtown and walk into any oil tower.... The only Canadian you will meet is the cleaning lady... Everyone else in the building is on a two week shift from Houston Texas.
If you call Medical Service Plan of British Coliumbia, you will be speaking to an American... The whole plan is administered by an American company... HOW IN FUCK A COUNTY WITHOUT HEALTHCARE,CAN RUN OUR MEDICAL SYSTEM IS A GODDAMMED JOKE....
Go to any major construction site in Canada, and you will more likely find an American Superintendant then a Canadian one. The CFL is the fuckin worst... We litterally have a 10 to 1 ratio in the coaching ranks, even though the Canadian coaches actually know Canadian football because they have coached it for decades and the American coaches had never of even heard of the game until they were hired..Yet we hire the American coaches because they have a Super Bowl ring or they have won some BS BCS title that no one here gives a flying fuck about.
Canada is easily the stupidest country in the entire world.

Allteams under the cap. HAH!

And howdy doody's balls aren't made of wood.

You show yours with every post, Bombs, call what I quoted exhibit A... and this news is good for the league as a whole... and if you want players to get more money, just raise the cap... I always maintained that the cap should be anywhere from 4.5 to 5 million...

I love that a Riders fan posted this. "We were actually under the cap this year, See, see?!" :stuck_out_tongue: (Just messing around, Billy.)

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Just Shut the hell up!

negativity is abound from you..

Don't want to hear the truth.....

My suggestion is that you take your.."rants" to the off topic section, this is far more than just about the CFL and should not be on the main boards, Off season has taken a toll on all of us I understand but its reacing a point where almost every second topic is something political, media related or money related. Where are the prediction topics for the Draft, pre season, whos going to start and whos going to finish with what record this season? Where's the FOOTBALL related topics of stuff on the field, I've heard enough about TV ratings and Media snubbing in 4 months to make me go nuts :x lol but anyways take your Rant off the main board please

Yes saskfan23 I agree; there seems to be plenty more Political, Media/Money thread topics than Football - Draft/TC and stuff on the field related talk will be cool when it does pick up.

Cant find much truth in there! Cant say as I know about Dubai and Singapore, but I live and work in Calgary, and have worked on construction sites in 6 provinces in the last 3 years, so I know your talkin' jive there!

I dont usually engage on troll posts, so I will appologize to everyone for bumping the thread, but this Bombs Away dude is in on a number of topics here, and there is no positivity - or research - in any of his posts!