All teams should have domed stadiums

Thumbs up to a lifelong fan!

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That's fantastic. :+1:

Look, I don't need to convince you, but my post is really for anyone else reading this that might be misled by your misinformation. I've been in that stadium maybe 200 times of which probably 70 times was after the new roof and I've been to the last 4 Grey Cups there (5 in total). I just want to give advice to anyone who goes there that if it's cold outside, it'll likely be chilly inside. Take an extra sweater or a jacket, especially for a Grey Cup because you're not exactly indoors.

The roof is not sealed because not only when you're inside you can look up and see the design, you can actually feel the cool air falling down on you if you're sitting under the edge of the outer rim on a cool day.

I also know how stuffy and muggy it could be under the old roof at times and that never happens anymore. The air is always fresh in there because the roof is not sealed.

OK ... I won't agree to disagree, that's for woosies, but I will say this is just a "he said she said" thing (I'll be the she ;^) ...

Where would you rather be for grey cup, BC Place or Regina?
Since you likely wears a Saskabush jersey at BC Place, and cheer for the Riders, I'd say you'd rather have the roof open at all times.. yes/no ? ?

_so the mods don't take this as "bashing" ... I was joking with you ... Rider fans are the best fans in Canada ... I just don't like them being louder in my home stadium than the pathetic BC fans! We are apathetic as F*&% ! There are a few hard core, but for the most part we're pretty quite and don't care much. Happy only when we win, and pissed when we lose ... we don't see this as entertainment and love of the game, we see it as if we lose it's the worst thing that can happen! Pathetic. No one like to lose, but I don't go to the games to see us take home the cup, I go because it's the best game on the planet!

JonAll-Star: NHL playoffs are horrendously broken. The only sport in the world I am aware of when the rules are suspended more and more as the game goes on, making a mockery of the sport.
Guru: Agree 100% ... I HATE the playoffs, and haven’t watched them in YEARS!
JonAll-Star: The lack of a clock normally ensures drama that no other sport can touch.
Guru: Still hate the game ... don’t care who wins ... don’t even KNOW any team names anymore ... I think the last game I saw was the Expos with Carter ... (I think)
JonAll-Star: Not sure I get your point about summer CFL games. These would be played whether the season started in May, June or July.
Guru: I think the summer months are going to be bad for the CFL attendance no matter when you start. The league dropped 2 pre-season to see if there would be more interest in the summer if the games meant more, but that didn’t materialize to the extent they hoped for. I think it’s the summer itself (trips, camping family time in the sun/beach) more than the games being meaningful that keep fans away. But who knows ... It’s a radical change for time slots, and that could mean devastation for the league if it fails. It hangs by a thread now. I’m not opposed to it, because I’d go no matter what month... but the attendance has dropped so far it could mean the end if they risk it... an All in win or lose scenario.
JonAll-Star: In Winnipeg ... -31 with the wind chill. I’m sorry but that’s just not football weather to me.
Guru: hahahaha .... Ahhh to live on the wet-coast ! mildest climate in the country! ... also the wettest! But I’ll take rain over frozen snot on my balaclava any day!!

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The roof takes approximately 20 minutes to open or close. BC Place should be considered an ‘open-air’ stadium whether the roof is open or closed, and guests are encouraged to dress accordingly, based on the temperature outdoors.


this really need to stop . Of all the arguments for domes, not any have been presented that is workable and some are anything but a joke.
If this was at all doable it would have been done already. In fact most of what has been said is from bizarro land


“If you believe in anything, believe in the power of tents” - Tony Robbins

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1."I'm capable! I'm invincible! I'm on fire!"

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