All teams should have domed stadiums

Going thru my Raiders news and I can't understand why ALL 9 CFL franchises do not have a retractable roof.

Look at Allegiant Stadium. How hard can it be to retrofit a roof on each of the remaining stadiums in the CFL that do not have a roof?

You can have the season begin in September and end in January if you want.

If North Dakota State and the Las Vegas Raiders can do it, why can't the CFL?!

This would end weather restrictions once and for all.

I think the answer is simple. Most, if not all, teams can’t afford it and I doubt governments would be willing to cough up $200 million x 8 for roofs. That’s apparently approximately what it would have cost for Winnipeg’s stadium in 2013. The CFL economics ain’t the same as NFL economics, or even NCAA division 1 economics.


C'mon man! You can have a Amazon-like warehouse roof. How hard can this be?!

I've see Home Depot roofs and this can't be that hard!

I’m no engineer but I don’t think it is anywhere near that simple.

Besides, every few years there is talk about the survival of the league. There is nowhere near the money it would cost to roof stadiums, whatever that might be. I also believe it costs a lot more to roof an existing stadium than build one in during original construction. And there sure won’t be 9 new stadiums constructed.


You put a warehouse structure around the stadium! Nothing attaches to the existing stadium.

As I said, I’m no engineer but it still sounds like it would cost far too much for the poor CFL. Toronto played a game at home tonite with first place on the line and there was no way there were more than 5,000 fans in the stands. It just does not compute with me.


That because the CFL won't adopt my numerous suggestions. And those suggestions were not rule changes to the game.

In the persona of coach Woody Hayes, "you people in the CFL had to do you own gawd damn dumb way!"

Why go to the Toronto game when you can stay home and watch Cincinnati battle South Florida on TV?


I'd go for something more outside the box. Instead of a physical roof I'd try for some kind of heating system that raises the temperature of the 'bowl' by a few degrees to the point where it's cool but not cold. That might be more affordable.

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…tough to play the game with structural steel columns every 10m in every direction…very bad for crossing routes….even a child would see this


Have you ever been to a stadium in Poland?
Terrible site lines, in almost every seat you are behind a Pole


Easy solution, play the game underground! I don't know why the CFL hasn't adopted my idea!


It is not that a roof is hard to do .... It is the cost ....NO TEAM has the money and no tax payer base wants to pay for it. This is not rocket science for the understanding of it....understanding this IS apparently hard for you to do


It should be required for the CFL owners to go to a Tony Robbins seminar. It is possible and could be done cheaply:

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That could be because said suggestions are generally so ridiculous that they absolutely must have been made in jest.


You're absolutely right. But sometimes it's the most outrageous ideas... get done.

Money. CFL teams average under 30K per game. NFL maybe 70000. Plus they have way higher ticket prices and even higher tv revenue.

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I remember John Candy wanted to see all the stadiums domed in the CFL .

At that time the Fargo Dome was their template for the ability of the poorer less populated cities to get their own domes .

Summer is very short in Canada. While Dome stadiums are a plus in the late fall and winter months, they have proven to be a deterrent during our short summer which is basically 4 months.

Ideal would be a convertible stadium for each teams and the price tag for those starts at 2 billion dollars and they have all shown to be maintenance hogs with short service life.

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The TV rights that get paid to the NFL is obscene...not to mention not one owner put any of his or her own $$$$ into the said state of the art stadiums with or without a roof.

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I don't think you're well aware in matters of economics and public money, but I love your sentiment :slight_smile: