All Stars

Baby steps. . .

Many of us have, in the past, complained about all-star selections at LB.

The skill sets are so different for MLB, Sam, and Will, yet the all-star selections always ignore that.

This year, in the West with Foster and in the East with Unamba they’ve at least made a step in the right direction.

But then they didn’t go all the way. Because Foster and Unamba are each joined by TWO middle linebackers (Singleton/Bighill and Muamba/Dean).

Teams don’t play 2 middle linebackers unless they are in a 3/4 defence, and the all star selections aren’t done on a 3/4 basis.

not right to pick Mitchell ahead of Reilly.

Wins is a team accomplishment, and Cal won more game because they had better D and ST and Coaching

Mitchell has one really good stat which is td/int ratio. Pretty much all other stats Reilly is equal or better.

Reilly had a few not so good games, but so did Mitchell.

Reilly had number 1 QUAR. Mitchell numb 3 QUAR.

cant figure out the coaches, but the football reporters of Canada are a joke

Reilly was pretty much better than Mitchell in almost all QB categories except the one that doesn’t factor into QB ratings - - -


as I pointed out, Wins is a team accomplishment. Mitchell had a lot more help.

and if wins are so important, why didn’t Harris get voted over Masoli. More wins and Higher pass % and higher pass efficiency and just under a 100 less yards.

And Harris was second to Mitchell in TD/INT ratios

Thought the picks were pretty much form charters.

West nominee for most outstanding o-lineman could as easily gone to blue bomber Suck Chungh as Stanley Bryant.

For the record - and some of you may spit out their coffee, tea, coke or beer but I thought Mike O’Shea was a better coach down the stretch than Chris Jones.

Yes, Jones had more wins but Jones had a throwaway game to close the season.

And if wins was the prime criteria then why not hand it to Dave Dickenson?

In general, coach of the year selections are a joke. A coach who takes over a crappy team and makes them a contender should be selected over a guy who’s had a top team for a few years. At what point does June Jones get credit for turning an 0-8 team into a competitor?
Chris Jones earned his nomination, but Rick Campbell? Come on.