Ford, January, Muamba and Turner all selected to the squad..........voters must have been feeling rather generous.

Could care less, about individual honors and who looks good and who MAY be the next star. It's been 23 years with no cup. ALL THAT MATTERS IS A CHAMPIONSHIP. Anything else is white noise at this point .

Things are coming up roses for one Bomber at least, as Muamba gets the nod for Outstanding Canadian in the East...........nice feather in his cap entering free agency, but can't believe there wasn't a better choice.

Roses win we win Grey cup , until then " NO SOUP FOR US"

Good on those guys for playing hard in a very tough situation.

Good on Henoc. If there was one guy you had to pick that played his butt off all year long it would be him by far.

Reminds me of Ian Logan being selected an all-star even though he was out of position and late to the party the vast majority of the time. Yes, the effort was there for Henoc but teams took advantage of his being lost all season long and hardly deserves all-star recognition. That being said, he's a non-import with great upside potential and should receive a decent contract offer in free agency, hopefully from the Bombers.