All-Stars on Offense and Defense

In another thread we were discussion players who have been all stars on both sides of the ball.

I have come up with Four:

Kenny Ploen
Garney Henley
Kurt Burris*
jack Gotta * Burris and Gotta were an Offense and Defense All-Star in the same year.

I would be interested in hearing of others.

On Defense two players,

Gene Gaines
Jerry Keeling

On Offense two players,

George Reed
Jack Abendschan

Joe Zuger (QB, DB, and P)
Jackie Parker (QB, RB, DB, K)
Rollie Miles (RB, LB, DB, KR, P)

I might not have phrased it properly, I am looking for players who were both offensive and defensive all-stars.

Joe Zuger

As great a player as Jackie Parker was, to the best of my knowledge, he was never chosen as a defensive all-star. He was in my opinion the greatest all-round player in CFL history though.

John Barrow (thanks to Bobo for that one)

I just mentioned him in the other thread....John Barrow. Barrow has the CFL record for the most All-Star team nominations in history an astounding 16 selections spread out over an 14 year career(57-70) on both sides of the ball as a D-Linemen as well as an O-Linemen. He was also selected as the CFL's Lineman of the Century.

I posted his bio in the other thread but will re-post it here just in case anybody missed it.....

No argument from me on that. We'll never see the like again, sadly. . .

ME :rockin:

Granville Liggins: OG 1971 w/Calgary, DT 1975 w/Toronto.