All-Stars of the Decade.

Who will be your votes for the Montreal Alouettes All-Star Team of the decade? Any players from 1996 to the present who have played for the Als?

This is a real hard one because there are so many possibilities. I think Jock Climie and Mike Pringle are shoo-ins. QB will be tough. AC is great but I think Tracy Ham is included in that time frame isn’t he. If you wanted to go all time I’d say Sam 'the rifle" for QB.

some of my picks:

QB- A Calvillo, gentleman, 1st class passer, 6000 yards season, and the Grey Cup. As much i liked Ham, the Grey Cup does it for me.

RB- Who else but Mike Pringle? He got it all, the attitude, the work ethic, the guts !! I would never have dumped him for Phillips, however talented the other was.

WR- Jock Climie ! Our actual core group of talented receivers was built around this guy. He had great hands, run good patern. If it not of Climie, i would go with Cahoon ! The best hand we have, fear nothing !

OL- I’ll go with Brian Chu and O. Okeke. Those 2 show up years after years, are the best of the league at their position. I would have add Neil Fort, but his annual fight with a diff. teamate every years tickle me a bit.

K-P- Who else but Baker ? This is a no contest !

I’ll do defense another day :slight_smile: