...Nice to see these guys get the deserved recognition for their efforts by being named to the leagues 'best' team...Some notables.....Als. cleaned-up with six....the Esks. had one and the Argos none....GoBigBlue.. :thup:

Congratulations guys! Very well deserved. If Hefney doesn't win ROTY there should be an investigation!

Yes, these guys certainly provided some bright spots for us. Heffney's a rookie, Johnson is a sophomore Bomber, and Brown is a vet...who gets the credit for bringing each of them in?

....Johnson was picked up in 08 from the riders (bet they're sorry bout letting him go) guess Taman was in on that deal and Heffney was a prospect sent to us this year by Mike Riley (Bombers former coach) along with Yvenson Bernard....i believe orrrrrrr Heffer might have been a Murphy find...might need correcting on that one.....Doug Brown was picked up in a trade ions ago....I can't remember which brain-dead club let him seems he;s been in BlueNGold forever... :wink:

we got Brown from calgary and Jovon Johnson was originaly on our neg list, we traded his rights to sask, then they gave him back to us

I cant believe 66 ppl in total (out of 2199 733x3) want these guys punted according to the Winnipeg Sun survey,they must be fans of other teams and want them on their team.34 want Heffney gone,they must not watch football I think.

Is this poll at their website? Can you post a link? I couldn't find it.

Never mind. I found it.

That has to be the dumbest surveys I've seen in ages. Some of the questions were flat out wrong like the Picard and Gauthier ones (ie the Bombers did not decide to not re-sign them, the players chose to sign elsewhere even though their demands were met) or contradictory (ie it was bad to trade Goodspeed but good to trade for Bowman - it was the same trade and they had to give up Goodspeed to get Bowman). And all of the questions about the assistants - overwhelming numbers to keep them all - that's certainly not realistic if Mike Kelly is fired. Any new head coach will bring in his own people which means most of the existing assistants will be gone.

Looks like Johnson says he's learned everything he needs to know to play in the NFL this year now ,Global Winnipeg said something about getting an NFL tryout.I guess his only problem is he cant play in the NFL this year cause he played in the last game of the year for the BB's.Guess he might want to learn how to read a standerd CFL contract now. :roll: