All Stars and Awards

Good job Lions for dominating the awards and all star voting. Its a shame they arent in the final game, but that happens. You cant win everything every time. Lions have done well of late, 2006 champs, hosting a number of the Western finals lately and dominating all star and awards again. I wouldnt trade this team for any other and am looking forward to doing some damage again next year. The best team doesnt always win, the best team that day certainly does, thats why the games are played and as the saying goes...any given sunday....

Looking forward to all the sundays next season and seeing if they can follow up with another great year and get back and reclaim the cup!

I second that.

I have nothing but respect for a team that's given us so much to cheer about all year.

And it's unfortunate that the final game went the way it did. The Lions deserve the awards they got - they have been the team to beat all year and, sadly, last Sunday someone did.