All Star

Why doesn't the CFL have an All Star Game??? I don't get it. This league would profit big time from an event such as an "All Star Weekend".

On the Sat - They should be showing off the fastest guys, strongest, furthest punts/kicks, longest pass ect... whatever competition they can come up with.
On the Sun - Play a game. East vs. West

The league would make a couple million bucks easy... Granted a couple million for the NFL is nothing but a couple million in the CFL is a lot of money.

This is the only league I know of that doesn't have an All Star game...

and players could have career ending injuries......

Career ending injuries??? Is that really your answer??? How many NFL all star games have been played and how many serious injuries? Besides, that’s why they have rules about all star games in football… no blitzing, no stunts ect… straight up football…

ask Robert Edwards what he thinks about all star games, Or at least rookie games.....Not only did he lose his NFL career over a meaningless game.....He nearly lost his leg!

And as per "special rules"!
What would be the point then

isnt the rookie game flag football? Lets get serious here. Injuries happen all the time, you can get injured just walking along. Trying to excessively protect people is sad. Why not put them all in bubbles so they dont get into car crashes or stub their toes? You are enjoying life if you are afraid of everything. Lets go a step further, take anything beyond a brisk walk out of practices to minimize injuries. Make them all use wheel chairs to move around so they cant trip or twist something. Get real and lose the sissy view.

It doesnt matter....
Edwards nearly lost his leg in a league sponsored game that was meaningless
Yes you can get hurt just walking down the street but to end your career over a silly all-star game is a waist!

It was a freak accident... Same thing could've happened playing pick up basketball with some friends... hmmm I think i've heard of a story that went like that... Donovan Bailey maybe...

I don't think we should put things on the shelf for a 2% chance something might happen. I guess this is just a matter of opinion at this point. I played football for 12 years and only missed 2 games due to injury...Granted, not pro but still played at a high enough level.

All Star Games are lame in any sport and if the CFL held one who would watch?

Not me...

Its nice that you are willing to take the chance that THEY get injured

In a all star game nobody forces anyone to play if they don’t want to. It has nothing to do with a fan willing to take a chance that someone will get hurt, thats just weird :roll:

All star games are played for the fans and rarely end in titanic like disasters such as ro envisons. In the CFL it may or may not work. I think people would watch, I would. Although I’m sure the game itself would be more show than go.

I don't think I'd watch an All-Star game. I've watched maybe 10 minutes of the last 5 or so NFL All-Star games. That said, I think saying we shouldn't have one just because someone could get injured is kind of lame. As someone else already pointed out, you could get injured doing just about anything. So one guy suffered a serious injury... that's one out of how many...?

I don't think we should bother simply because football All-Star games just aren't that exciting. A lot of the guys end up dropping out, and the quality of play isn't very good because there's nothing on the line aside from a little money, but considering most NFL players are grossly overpaid, it doesn't matter.

The NBA All-Star game works because they make it a weekend event with the dunk competition, and the skills competition, and the rookie/sophomore game, etc.

Been there done that years ago.

The big problem was that they were too costly
in terms of the revenue that they brought.

starting with air fares for players.

Who would want to put it on?

The CFL head office doesn't have the money.

That means all the teams would have to fund it. NOT!!

The CFLPA? they have no money either. .

Then, a TV network?

They would need to do a heck of a promotion job
drumming up mega fan interest to get sponsors.

How long would it take to get sponsors?

Would they get enough sponsors? I doubt it.

A couple problems: where and when would it be held?

The post season weather is too cold for for outdoor football.

That leaves Toronto Montreal and B.C. Would there be fan interest?

Local and regional fan support could never fill those stadiums.

umm he did this playing VOLLEYBALL

he did not hurt the leg playing the game!