What are your thoughts?

I can't believe that Luca Congi wasn't the kicker...Sandro is good, but Luca was better this year. Unlike last year where Luca was named the winner, and then they took it back and gave it to Sandro. I'm wondering if they're gonna do the same thing this year...

The other thing I'm having a hard time with is that they gave 13 nods to the Lions....really???

totally agree

I think its a toss up between the 2 of them this year.

Luca and Sandro were very close this year, Luca had the slightly better % and had the longer field goal, but Sandro made 12 more. I thought Lance Frazier was very close and deserving as well, but Banks and Goss both had great stats.

The Lions have tons of talent on the defensive side of the football so it's not suprising that they racked up some awards, but I would take our group over them because we play much better defensively as a team. Early in the year we got no player awards yet we were winning, there wasn't really anyone back there that dominated, it was a collective effort.