All Star Selections

I have a quibble about the all star selections.

On defence, in the secondary, they select one safety, two cornerbacks, and two halfbacks. That is as it should be; the skill sets required at those positions vary significantly. It would make no sense to just pick five defensive backs, they break it down between safety, corner, and HB. Good.

So why don’t they do that for linebackers? The skill sets required to be SAM, WILL, or in the middle vary just as much as they vary in the secondary.

Because they don’t differentiate among linebackers the way they do in the secondary, you get these weird results such as the West this year, where ALL THREE linebackers chosen are in fact middle linebackers. Makes no sense to me.

Differences in skills aren't great for those positions. This is not like comparing quarterbacks with kickers. Better to choose the best linebackers and defensive backs instead of leaving them out.

But there isn't that much difference in the skill sets across the secondary either, except maybe today's safety, who is m
almost a deep linebacker in some cases. But they're separated into the three categories.