All Star Selections

While a few other posters on other team sites are moaning about this that or the other player off of their team not getting selected, my complaint is twofold.

First, how in the world do they justify Jerald Brown and Damon Duval getting selected? Brown wasn't really bad this season, but clearly not as good as he was last season, and our secondary was one of the weakest in the league this year. And Duval had a very poor season, his percentage on field goals is nowhere near Palardy's. Both those selections are questionable I think.

Secondly, I don't understand why they pick three linebackers from each division without regard to what position they play. For the secondary, they pick 2 corners, 2 halfbacks, and one safety. That is as it should be, the skill sets required for those positions are different. But why don't they do the same with linebackers? The skill set required for a middle linebacker is significantly different than what is required to be an outside linebacker. You can even make the case that there's a different skill set required for Sam and Will.

So what they end up with in the east are three outside linebackers in Cox, Knowlton, and Eiben; and in the west they've got two middle linebackers in the two Simpsons. I find that odd; if they can differentiate between the different positions in the secondary, they should do the same for the linebackers.

Indeed, MJ. To my mind there is a much more significant difference between the positions of SAM, MIKE (MLB), and WILL linebacker than there is between cornerback, DB, and safety. For the curious, I touched upon the differing responsibilities of the SAM and WILL backer in this post: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=55349&hilit=linebacker+strong&start=30#p894241

D'avoir foutu Duval dans ces sélections discrédite complètement l'événement.

Si ce sont les votes du public qui ont donné ce résultat, il est grand temps de revoir la formule.

Not to mention, there was at one point, an All Star Game. Lack of interest was the reason given for its demise. Do you think its time to resurrect it. I used to enjoy it!

I agree that Estelle, Brown, and especially Duval had under-whelming seasons! What are they doing on an all-star team? It doesn't speak highly of the All-Star team or at least those who chose them.