All Star Selection Process

The All-star teams are being announced this week and it occurs to me that many of the selections may have to do with a recency effect. Meaning, players who did better down the stretch or were more visible have an advantage.

I think that it might be more interesting to have a weekly All-star selection throughout the season. Give the weekly winners a small token prize. At the end of the season, the players with the most weekly awards would be part of the final All-star team.


Personally I don't see the reason for an All-Star team in the first place!

Makes for some more press though as well as padding players resumes for contract negotiations. I'm sure the CFLPA wouldn't want this taken away. Interesting concept 2Much, might be something worth exploring.

It seems to me some guys have been picked based on their overall reputation, rather than on their actual 2006 performance.

Brian Chiu must have had his worst season in 2006. Was he really the best center in the East? Or did people just think of him as a gimme?

Why not have a couple of All-Star teams that actually play something like the yankee Pro-Bowl? This would of course include coaches.