All-Star Game

The CFL could use one!

I used to be the biggest proponent of a CFL All-Star game. But, nowadays it's the last thing I think about.

I haven't watched an all-star game for any sport for years. Big snooze fest!

If the CFL were going to do an all-star game, I think it'd be better if they used the game as a vehicle for testing prospective expansion markets. Or even using the game to simply extend the brand, playing in smaller cities that would never house a CFL team (e.g., Kingston, Guelph, Saskatoon, Moncton, etc.)

I know that if the CFL All-Star game came to IWS I may or may not buy a ticket. Just not a "must see" for me.

Of course, I'm just one person. Other might think it's a great idea and jump all over it. If that's the case, then go for certain't won't "hurt" the league

No, most all star games are boring enough as it is. You could try to make it interesting, like baseball has tried-- the winning conference get to host the Grey Cup game , but that would have to happen after the 2008 season.

Never going to happen. No team want to risk a career ending injury for an all star game!

i do agree, playing all-star games in future expansion locations would be cool.

all-star game live from QC, Halifax, London, Windsor, Saskatoon.

not gonna happen tho.

I did enjoy the NHL NA against the World games. Always cheered for the World because of players such as Bure.

Used to like the pro bowl, but havent watched in a few yrs now.

Like with the going from Yards to Meters, this is one idea to think about, but not to do.

That said, I have it mentioned on my petition on how I'd like to see it done, but bottom line, I'm not in favor of it.

I say have it at a premanate location in London, Ontario, played during the preseason with last seasons All Stars.

Sambo: I have no idea what MLB is thinking anymore, becase that's the wrost playoff thing in sports, although it does make the All Star worth more.

You have to have an all-star game but you don't want to have an all-star game

I have an idea for it, but to think about, not to do.

Like 50-60 years ago a plane crashed coming back from the CFL Allstar game. There were 4 riders who i think died... My grandpa said there hasnt been a cfl allstar game since. I think that is the #1 reason why. I think the NFL does it because, like pretty well everything else the NFL touches, it generates money...

if there was an all-star game when would you play it. in the middle of the season where you are risking injurys for teams trying to make the playoffs.

would it be at the end of the season in the freezing cold.

would you do it the next year befor the season.

i would like to see an all-star game i just don't know when the best time to hold it would be.

end of season, just like probowl, alternating between Van and TO.

That may be the most bizarre statement I've ever read.

How 'bout the Big O for the annual All-Pro Game?

the big O is crap, you'd see a million injuries

i dont think having an all-star game in a neutral city like QC, or Halifax, because, they play pre-season games there anyways. its not really going to make a difference at all, and teams wouldnt want to risk having any players hurt in it.

shouldn't be done.

No it wasn't 50-60 years ago (although a bumch of Riders did unfortunately die in a crash whiole returning from one). They used to do televised All-star games in the early 80's. Remember them well.

ok, I say again.

I have an idea for how I would like to see the All Star game done.


I don't really care about All Star games, and if the CFL does one or not is up to them


if they do, I'd like them to consider my idea.


In General, I'm not in favor of a CFL All Star game

I think they should make an All Star Weekend like the NBA. Maybe include other events aswell, maybe the day before.

The longest throw, maybe something like that. Like how the NBA has the Dunk Contest.

But I'd definately be in favour of an All Star Game. I watch the NBA All Star Weekend and the Pro Bowl, and I think they're pretty exciting and good for the respective league.

The only sport with an entertaining all-star game is baseball (if you like baseball). I think that because essentially baseball is a battle between a pitcher and a batter while other sports are more team oriented.