All-Star Game

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They have the All-Star Ballot, yet they don't have an all-star game or any all-star festivities. Then what is the purpose of the ballot? The CFL should hold an annual all-star game to showcase the best in the league, the ones you and I vote for in the ballot, the all-star teams that are determined by the same ballot. According to Wikipedia, the last all-star game was held in 1988 (unfortunately that source is not cited).

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Fans don't really care about all-star games, players even less, and the teams are totally uninterested in having their players exposed to injury for a meaningless game, especially if it makes them no money.

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TSN should promote fantasy next year. I believe it's a better showcase than an All-Star game. It's in their best interests to get more eyes watching, especially out-of-market, regular season and playoff games.

I'm not opposed to the idea of an All-Star game but the only one that interests me is Major League Baseball's exhibition. The NFL Pro Bowl is absolute anti-climax being played after the Super Bowl. Does the CFL really want to push the East vs. West thing any further?

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Maybe the East would be allowed to pick up T. Brady, T.O and R.lewis, so they would have a fighting chance.

Yes and always my answer is let's play an actual Hawaii.

You would have to make it worth the players while. They had one in 1985 (West 25 - East 15 ) and people didn't really seem to care. All star games in almost every sport are BAD. The players go through the whole game ,trying not to get hurt. You can't blame them, it's their livelyhood, to have a career ending injury in a meaningless exibition game would be awful.

id like to see an all-star game on thanksgiving weekend, right before the final playoff push. if some say labourday weekend is the real start of the season, then thanksgiving weekend / all-star weekend would serve to generate interest and raise awareness among casual fans, that the playoffs are fast approaching and the grey cup is around the corner.
i know people say an allstar game is 'soft meaningless football', but it serves to market the players and generate interest for the playoffs.
each teams starting QB could start a QTR, to minimize risk of injury. ( or 2 QBs / team, each getting a half ) i dont think the als would like to see calvillo play the entire all-star game, cuz the longer he's in, the bigger risk of say calvillo gets the most all-star votes, then he's the east starter.

i heard that cfl owners want to share revenues generated from the grey cup game, yet noone wants to give up thier grey cup turn, so an allstar game, if done right, could be the big game cash cow they are lookin for.
i'm sure they could pack 60,000 into commonwealth for an allstar game thanksgiving weekend, and the 8 teams split the money.

wendy's kick for a million could be done at the half, and the game MVP could win a car.

canada-day weekend is season kickoff.
labour-day weekend is rivalry weekend and season mid-point
thanksgiving weekend is all-star weekend.

That works! :wink:

Its an interesting idea, but what happens say if a QB(Burris or Calvillo), or some other player sustains an injury? I don't think that would go over well with the teams, nor the fans, especially if =a team isfighting for their playoff lives, or to get a home game in the playoffs. If someone does get injured in an all-star game, would it count against the team's salary cap? Seems to me that a special exemption would have to be made in order for this idea to fly.

There would be zero intensity and it would extend the season an extra week. It also would wear down players who are already banged up from the season. Some teams would be rested and others who had more players in the game would be tired. That would create a unfair advantage.
Half the stars wouldn't play, as everybody has nagging injuries and the teams would choose rest over flying your star qb across the country to play 1 qrt. of meaningless football. The only time this game would work is after the Grey cup. It doesn't seem the players ,teams, media, and most fans really care.

each team currently has a bye-week.
so just have the bye-week for all teams on the common all-star / thanksgiving weekend.

thus, not prolonging the season.

and in thecase of injuries, every other major league has an all-star game and take the risk of injury. 95% of allstar games are injury-free. and to decrease the risk of Burris being injured ( using your example ), thats why i suggested QBs only play 1 - 2 QTRs, reducing the chance of being banged up.

You can't compare all star games from different sports. The bye week is there for a reason. It gives the players a chance to heal and rest. That's why the nfl game is after the season. It would make no sense for Burris to fly to tor. and play 2 series and then fly back to cgy. There is no interest what so ever in having a all star game during the season. It will never happen. Football is a dangerous sport, as there is contact on every play. There are injuries in every game. The hockey allstar game ,looks like ice capades,everybody skating in circles and avoiding contact at all costs. You can't let up in football,or your QB will get killed. It would be terrible for the team and league to lose a key player,that could cost a team a chance to win the cup. What about the RB. What if cgy or bc lost Logan or Reynolds, for the year. What do you tell the fans ? ohh sorry ,good luck , as they get crushed in the playoffs,because of some stupid meaningless exibition football game in mid season. They play 18 games plus pre and post season games, the season is long enough. The only way it works,is if the players get paid and maybe the winning team gets a bit more and obviously play the game after the greycup.