All star game

I just read Mark Cohen is considering an all star game.

Would you be for or against it???

Personally I just dont think its feasible, unless it were
to simply rotate between the domes, and to me it would get old
real fast.

The other option would be to organize an all star game before
training camp opens, for all the stars of the previous year.

Two problems immediately come up.

  1. Would players have any desire to sacrifice part of their offseason? (need probably a week)

  2. Would teams be willing to have players attend and face possible injury?

Good post, there are pluses for the CFL to put together a allstar team,. Perhaps to play the G.C champ, OR combined with the G.C champ and play a nfl team?

First off, the Grey Cup champion will NEVER play a NFL team and it's for one reason. When it comes to rules the NFL and CFL are very different.

I like the thought of the all star game but I don't think it would work for the following reasons...

It would have to be one week after the Grey Cup. Now the only problems I could see with this whole concept is, that if we do put an all star game a week after the Grey Cup, we would have the possibility of all-star players pulling out after Grey Cup weekend, like Brady and Moss did to the pro bowl. I think Stegal would've pull out had we had one this year a week after the Grey Cup.

The Second reason it might not work is, the time of the year. The way the schedule goes it would be end of November if not first Sunday in December. If hosted in 5 of the 8 CFL cities it would be out doors and would be possibly too cold out. The 3 remaining cities with indoor stadiums could rotate every year with the right to host it but after a couple years the novelty will wear off and will have poor attendance. Besides for the last couple months haven't we heard that "Toronto really doesn't like the CFL and the CFL will NEVER get respect in Southern Ontario" so then why put the All Star game in Toronto, it would never sell out by that theory.

Finally to have the All Star game before or during the season would be a bad idea because you're running a high risk of a star player being injuered, which could affect a teams chances during the regular season and futhermore a chance at the Grey Cup.

i think it's a good idea. you would have to make it a week event though. have events throughout the week to, like autograph signings, strongest man, fastest man etc. send a player from each position and a back up to minimize roster size.each team gets two QB's and they each start one half, and give an award for the MVP, say a nice watch or something. Give the players an incentive to the players to, say if your on the winning team you get 3 grand, but if your on the losing team you only get 1,500 dollars.

I think the game would have to be played before the season, not after. It would be too anti-climatic after the Grey Cup. They used to hold the game at the end of training camps, which I think would be the best timing.

I'm not sold on a CFL All-Star game. If it were poorly attended, it would draw more negatives than positives.

I would favour a flag-football challenge cup against an NFL (or perhaps against one of the new leagues) select team, with the proceeds going to charity. With this format the game could also be held in the U.S., which would help promote our game to football fans down south.

I actually had a dream of this not too long ago. Of course it was a dream so it didn't make too much sense.

It was an All-Star game, in February, the night before the Super Bowl. They were trying to promote the CFL to Americans, and what better than to have an All-Star game as part of the Super Bowl Festivities.

Now of course, it won't be that easy. First of all, it's not too Canadian to be playing our game outside of Canada. I don't think it can work either, because it would have to be played before the season, or after the season, in the domes, because it will be hard to convince them to play outdoors.

But I did like the idea of it being played in February, because that way it gave the players time to spend with family, and recuperate from the season. Also, if an injury were to happen, they'd have time to recover before Training Camp.

Personally, I don't see it happening, I wouldn't mind seeing it once though, like for the season of the 100th anniversary of the Grey Cup, do something special. But I don't know.

i would love to see it happen, but i know there would be alot of problems involved.

just after the pre-season games a spring all-star game at laval or halifax, like the NFL does thiers in ( actually im not sure where they do thiers, i just know theres no NFL team there )?? this would raise a bit more awareness that the CFL season is about to start.

it has to be after the season. how would it be to anti climatic? the NFL manages to draw decent crowds to the pro bowl after the biggest event in the world the super bowl. if you can get 30,000 out to the rogers center, you will probably make a profit. Like i said, allow each team to send 36-38 players. Make it a week, autograph signings, have skill challenges, such as fastest man, strongest man, etc. Pay the losing team 1,500 dollars, and the winning team 3,000. It would cost you 162, 000 to pay the plays, plus probably another 5 grand to pay coaches. The players would make more than they would for a regular game, but still not crazy amounts. Give the MVP a nice watch.

I dont no. I mean it would be hard to organize and plus, what about the star players that should be in it that are considering retirement? and yeah there is always a possibility about injuries. No team wants to enter there season with there star player out because of an all star game.

Dont both the NCAA and NFL football play their all-star games in Hawaii. Makes it pretty easy to entice players to attend with a location like that.

Playing in minus degree weather, or the lack of atmosphere a dome has, makes playing at season end
imo a losing proposition.

Personally I hope Cohen isnt putting a lot of time
or effort into this game.

We have much bigger fish to fry.

NCAA plays it's all star game in Mobile Alabama. We do have some bigger issues, but an all star game is a nice thought, i would go for sure.

All star games are over rated on the impact they have for both the players and league. I suspect that the only reason, the NFL draws reasonable numbers is simple is because Hawaii has nothing else.

The defense has to sit back and let the plays develop. They can't do any stunts and are restricted.

In hockey, it looks like a girls hockey game. There is very little hitting.

At least baseball and basketball have the home run derby and slam dung contests. The games themselves are as bad as the other leagues.

For football it is hard to get excited by an accurate passing. Or running a obstacle course. There is just no excitement in it.

I think they can easily pass on an all star game.

I'm split on the issue of an all star game. On one hand most all star games are fairly boring, and you risk losing players to injury. On the other hand, it's good marketing, and even take a look to see how many people tune it to watch a guy kick for a million bucks, it should draw better than an average game.

I'll support the league whichever way it leans on this, and who knows maybe it'll be a great idea.

i definitely think this is happening before expansion. maybe this will happen in 3 to 5 years. face it, no matter what anyone says, this league is getting stronger. soon enough we will have fixtures like expansion, an all star game, new stadiums, increased salary cap etc. it's just a matter of time. we are building towards a strong future.

All-star games are usually the most boring games of the year. It's a meaningless game where avoiding injury is the mantra.

If there has be some kind of all-star thing then do something else. Forget the game and have a series of Meet the Stars events in all the cities, where those who care can show up and get autographs, pictures, etc.. Have lots of quality give-aways and get some high-profile out-of-football stars to show up too. Make it a big media event. Have some music, lots of highlights of the past year, maybe some player bands or skits.

i would like to see the fastest and strongest man

Is the Hula Bowl not an NCAA all-star game??

What about the all-star game/skills competion being held
and rotated around city's NOT already in the league??

Are there any decent sized stadiums to hold such an affair
other then those already used?

In weeks 8 & 9 of the season, there are two games each weekend. If you put the week 9 into week 8, then there would be an off week right before the Labour Day games. It would be feasible to hold an all-star game then, and since its in the middle of summer, every city would have a chance to host it. If you added a few skills competitions, it would not be a bad idea.

Thats actually not a bad idea.