All-Star Game

Ok, I realize this thread will mostly be about a fantasy than a reality, but just wanted to see what everyones opinion or rendition of an All-Star Game would be. I think we all know that we'll never see a CFL vs. NFL all star game, simply because Millionaire NFL players, coaches and otherwise are not going to risk injury in such a game. Former NFL commish, Tagliabue, had envisioned, a CFL vs. NFLEuropa game, which we all know, is now an impossibility, given the defucnt, NFLEuropa.

My personal preferance would be something along the lines of the former NFL commish, that is a game between all stars of another league. The major problem now is what other league? With the NFL being a pipedream, and NFLEuropa being defunct, would Arena All-Stars be worthy of sharing the field with CFL All-Stars. My personal opinion on that is, no, based on talent alone, not too mention the vast differences in the 2 games.

If Mark Cubans UFL, or that college based league ever take flight, I would say they would be the prime candidates. I would lean towards Cubans UFL, for both the possibility of ever taking flight, and level of competition. Yet another obstacle facing that, would be that the CFL would have to wait until any new league was around for at least 3 years, otherwise, they would be giving any new league some level of crediblity, simply by competeing against them, and God only knows what would happen in the event of a CFL All-Star Team losing to any upstart league that is based Stateside. Anyways just wondering what different formulas for an All-Star game some of you other guys might have.

if they decided to play an all-star game, i would like to see it as an east VS west game with just cfl players.

How about NHL-style with non-imports taking on imports? You could let QBs who reside permanently in Canada (like Calvillo) play for the NIs.

Play it as the first pre-season game of the year in Halifax or Quebec City and you'd have a sure hit on TSN.

Great idea, I was thinking of something like that too, but wasn't sure how to deal with the QB's

Why not have a CIS/Canadian College All-star Game that is hosted by the CFL?

It could simultaneously build support for CDN College Ball and add build-up to the next CFL season. Plus the guys wouldn’t be as focused on not getting injured, since it would be more of a scouting oppourtunity.

They would call it . . . The 1st Annual CFL under 21 (or whatever) All-star game!!!

Eh? Ehhhhhhhh? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?

pretty good thinkin’. Eh?