For me I think there should be some adjustments made to the positions that are selected for CFL All-Stars.
Forgotten are the former FBs. For a few years there they were mostly restricted to just special teams but are coming back into the offensive fold.
In 2012 Patrick Lavoi really brought back this position back to popularity but was injured much of 2013 and underused when he was in the line up.

Well, the FB position has always traditionally been there, just that in the past 20-25 years the FB has been replaced on the ballot by a second RB, mostly because all-star selections are to promote and market players and why market Mike Pringle Julian Radlein when you can market Mike Pringle and Josh Ranek? Yea, kinda dumb, but what bothers me more is that they still insist on picking 2 RBs when nobody - and I stress NOBODY - runs 2 back sets anymore. They want Cornish and Sheets both on the all-star team for publicity, but when was the last time we've seen a 2 back set for more than maybe 6 plays in an entire game? I mean, following that logic, the best marketing would be 2 QBs, 3 RBs and 7 WRs. Screw the linemen, nobody notices them anyways. Yes, I'm being facetious but I make a point.

So I agree, either change the ballot to 1 back and 5 receivers, or 1 back and 1 FB/TE.

And for the record, I voted for Hughes, one of my favorite players for a very long time, but Lavoie and Lumbala really should be getting some more love on this poll.

Since there are more than one set that teams use in this modern era of football then the ballot can include more than 12 players.
5 OL
4 Rec
2 RB
Stay with all of those but add another receiver and the FB/TE/H-Back positions so it would look like this

5 OL (at their positions)
5 REC (instead of 4. Certainly some big names and great players could fill a 5th REC spot
2 RB ( to keep the two high profile names; Sheets and Cornish)
1 FB/TE/H-Back ( Certainly in 2012 Lavoi was well deserved with over 300 yards in REC playing a traditional TE role).

Also on Defense Changes in LB selection need to change. Should be a seperate slot on the ballot for each of the the very different LB positions. In 2012 all 3 all star LBs were MLBs. Ty Brak certainly transformed into the top SAM LB in the CFL in 2012 but went unrecognized. For Hamilton this year who had no all stars, Simoni Lawrence was certainly the motor who drove that defense

Special teams the same with positions added for the specific roles
Special Teamer ( Beswick in Hamilton certainly stood out on coverage teams. Every year there are a few guys who just have a nose for getting to the returner. Having an All star element to recognize such players are always fan favorites)