ALL-Star DT Available?

That team which employed our new DC last year has released their 2012 CFL ALL-Star rookie DT. I expect, with his unusual story, that it was on a pre-arranged agreement to give him a shot and set him free if he found NFL interest. If it’s for some other reason, Coach Steinauer would likely know about it and might connect to bring him down the QEW.

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Cameron Wake and Jerrell Freeman have completely changed the NFL's outlook on the CFL. Armstead is not coming back anytime soon IMO.

lets not forget about Brandon Browner, more and more CFLers are starting to hit it big down south.Gee, maybe our players aren’t 15th round draft rejects like NFL fans seem to think.

Word out earlier that he signed with New England for, according to this tweet, a nice raise in his income:

David William Naylor ?@TSNDaveNaylor
ESPN reporting ex-Argo Armond Armstead has been guaranteed $655K with the Pats. Second-only to Cam Wake’s first deal, I believe, for a CFLer

Armsteads situation was basically a pre determined situation. Toronto got what was supposed to be a NFL first round draft pick for a season and Armstead got the chance to showcase that their is nothing wrong with him, the medical issue mistake by USC which cost him his Sr year at USC, and that yes he is still a first rate NFL DT. So it worked out perfect for both.

Another D-line standout to keep tabs on in case things don’t work out for him back home:

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In the unlikely event he returns to the CFL, it would be to TO where he really found a home away from home. But he'll be in the NFL next season.

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