All Rider Fans Are More Than Welcome

Yeah, I was watching the same game. Empty seats all over the place. Thanks for providing your version of why Toronto doesn’t represent well, though. I get frustrated too when I see so many empty seats at Commonwealth. Granted, it’s twice the size of BMO, but still…there are times when I have to scratch my head and wonder why more aren’t showing up, especially if it’s a decent year for the team. If it holds 30K or if it holds 60K, it should be packed IMO, or at least close to it. CFL is a great product. It’s never boring, even on its worst day. I can’t say the same for the NFL. So where does the apathy come into play?

Join “us”?? You are an admitted BCLion fan, who is the “us” to whom you refer?

As for cheering for the Stumps good luck with that.

When the Rouhghriders played the Grey Cup game in Calgary [after eliminating the Stumps] basically every single one of the 10K Stump fans were cheering against the Roughriders and to be blunt they were extremely obnoxious about it…

Go Argonauts!!!

Sorry for being rude, it just gets really old having to answer for the empty seats in your stadium and your city’s lack of support when you go to every game and try to convince others to go with you. I’ve been to a lot of games alone.

As for the apathy, I honestly have no idea. I wish I did. One theory I have is that Toronto loves American attention, which the Argos don’t give them. They get validation from being on ESPN, being mentioned on American sportscasts, etc. Torontonians get as excited to be on the big American networks in the playoffs as they are to be IN the playoffs. They don’t care about being on TSN and playing Edmonton or Hamilton, they want to be in the limelight playing Chicago or New York on ESPN. The Leafs are the exception to this rule because they play hockey and their history. Once people get over being noticed by Americans (who barely notice or care that Toronto exists) they might embrace the fantastic CFL/Argo action right on their backyard.

Sorry I still disagree it was half empty. I’ll give you a quarter empty at best :wink:

McMahon Stadium is the only CFL venue across the country where my wife didn’t feel safe when leaving. More than one occasion. The anger that many Stamps fans have towards RiderNation is inexplicable. When we visit it has included beer being tossed on you, getting spit on, and threatened. Women have been pushed around and nearly assaulted. All because we visit their stadium to cheer our team. Over the years many other Stamps fans have apologized for others behaviour and said they were embarassed. Its not like the angry Stamps fans paid for our seats, or had been displaced. They’re just mad that RiderNation exists. Not smart enough to calculate the revenue for their club but dumb enough to tee off on their anger.

It’s almost surreal. And doesn’t happen anywhere else.

Calgary is probably worse but the treatment of Argo fans in Hamilton has gotten bad over the years, after being threatened physically and people constantly screaming in my face during the 2015 East Semi I vowed to never go back. Even the old Ivor Wynne wasn’t as bad, I expected the new stadium to tame things down but if anything it got worse. In Hamilton, if person A robs their mother and person B is an Argo fan, they will hate person B more.

I have been to many games when the Riders were playing.

That will include many Rider fans in my section , through the stadium and outside.

I have never seen any of what you describe. I have never even heard insults.

Just some teasing and banter .

I suggest you are making this up. Or, you have had one minor confrontation with one drunk idiot and have decided to blow it up and roll with it.

Regardless, not buying what you are selling.

A person can not have 2 teams ?

Wow, never realized I would create so much controversy trying to being nice.

No, never seen it coming.

I think it’s more of a situation where its difficult to get behind a guy who switches directions so easily. And those that switch it up so readily - NEVER see it coming, lol.

I regret nothing.

I retract nothing.

Hope everyone enjoys the game.

Regardless of what team wins.

I know I will.

CFL forever.

Health , happiness and prosperity to all.


Sure they can but in my opinion it’s lame…you don’t and there is nothing wrong with that…

Personally I don’t think you created any controversy at all…

One thing we can all agree on is that the game this Sunday lost a lot of it’s luster when the Roughriders lost…

The Stamps are my favourite West Division team.

So the Outriders and I will be pulling for The Stamps.

...amen brother!

Your theory about American envy is interesting. You would definitely know way more about that than I would…never been to Toronto. And you don’t have to apologize. This is an IMB about football, not a ladies tea party. You can run me down all you like as long as you’re aware that I have no reservations about handing it right back to ya if need be.

All that said, I get it, and here’s why - I’m an American living in the U.S. and a diehard CFL fan. I watch alone too, believe me. Only I’m REALLY alone. At least you have a connection with fans at the stadium on game day. I don’t. I have tried to sell the CFL game to my friends and they’re not interested. They are too entrenched in what they’re used to, which is overblown hype and homerism, among other things. They don’t seem to have the patience or the mentality to embrace something new and think outside the box they’ve grown accustomed to. I stopped watching the NFL 10 years ago and began following the Eskimos. I did it because I was sick of poor play, disrespect for the game on the part of too many players who grandstanded and wanted face time, greedy owners, overpaid players…the list goes on.

As far as I’m concerned, the NFL sucks. It’s nothing like it was when I was growing up. The CFL sort of is. Guys play for 50K/season instead of 500K. They play hard. The 3 down game moves faster. The rules are quirky in comparison to what I was used to, but they help to peak my interest. I’m never bored. The parity between the 9 teams far exceeds that of 32, and I have a much easier time getting to know who I’m watching. CFL is a more personalized experience for the viewer. The sideline cams are a nice touch, too.

You’re probably wondering “why the Eskimos?” (or not, dunno), but… After watching a few games and trying to pick a favorite, I decided on Edmonton because they had a colorful bunch, if not much else. They were pretty bad, but entertaining nonetheless. It had nothing to do with 5 straight Cup wins way back…hell, I didn’t even know about those until later! I found something in Ray, Ebell, Gass, Braidwood, Shabazz, Maurer, etc…Half that team was probably nutty as a fruitcake. Maybe that’s why they appealed to me. I’m not proud to admit it, but when Gass ripped Pilon’s helmet off and tossed it downfield, I was on board. Call me crazy. My friends do because I watch the CFL and they don’t. Their loss…

Reach out to the Riders marketing staff and I'm fairly certain they will get you to a game here and maybe show you the error of your ways in cheering for those Esks! Then send you home with some swag to dress up your not-so-smart friends who won't look at the CFL. Lol.

Glad to hear you're excited about the CFL. And kudos for travelling this journey alone. That's dedication.