All Rider Fans Are More Than Welcome

Why would a Rider fan cheer for a western team when the Riders were in the East playoff bracket?

Any day an Alberta team loses a football game - is a good day in Saskatchewan. Go ARGOS!

I will be. Mainly because I dislike all things TO.

I really don't care who wins... I hope its a good game. I think it won't be, Stamps have done their homework from last year... Stamps will win & win big..

…who’s ‘us’? BC Lion fans? might I remind you:

brihind88, Jul 23/2017

You know how a couple of bad apples ruin the bag.

Most of the Stamps win with class and dignity and represent the organization and city well.

However, there are a few classless jerks on this team , that well… just shame and embarrass me .

Not mentioning any names, but the initials are Jerrome Messem, Josh Bell, Charleston Hughes and Dave Dickenson.
I do not have to go through everything , but you all know what I am getting at.

The last straw for me was, Josh Bell. I will pay this guy’s ticket out of town.
That moment with Duron Carter was the lowest act. Why, because he was on the wrong side of the 55 during warm up?

AAhh, poor baby. :cry: :cry: :cry:

He needs to be fined and suspended for 2 games.
If Dickenson had a set or spine, he would have sat him on the bench for the whole game.

And what is the issue with Dickenson ?
Every time he tosses the challenge flag, he is yelling at the ref. Just toss your crying towel, without acting like a 6 year old having a tantrum. :roll:

Remember when Jonesie said " win with class " ? Ya, THAT.

I am sure other Stamp fans will rip on me for being a turn coat, but whatever.

I expect the players on this team to start acting like adults and pros, while representing the organization and city I love.

I have now promoted my second favourite team to # 1 .


Oh that is embarrassing :-[

Depop any idea what the TV numbers were on both semi finals?

…I fully support your initiative to derail this thread…carry on…

…especially that part about Josh Bell, who was nominated for the President’s ring (The Presidents’ Ring has been presented annually since 1967 to the Stampeders player who best demonstrates excellence on and off the field as voted by the players)…

The 32-year-old Texas resident is also active off the field and was recently announced as the recipient of the Herm Harrison Memorial Award for distinguishing himself in the area of community service. Bell is actively involved as a mentor to young men and women and also provides financial assistance to low-income families. Since 2009, he’s been a volunteer track coach at his alma mater – Skyline High School in Dallas – and offers guidance and moral support to young athletes.

Imean,what a terrible guy

Jones was right. They didn’t do it with class

...chris jones knows as much about class as I know about speaking mandarin too for that matter...telling people what defines a true fan and admonishing other cities over their support, constantly reminding us of how inflated your rider egos are over things like 'best fans' and 'how we make your arenas full', gawd you're arrogant....

Fēicháng gǎnxiè n? chéngrèn zhè yīdiǎn, bìng chéngrèn Stampeder de fěnsī x?hu?n yǔ sh?nyáng hé miányáng ji?opèi

..i have access to google translate too, big whoop...

It’s only fact that Riders have the best fan base in the CFL and that we help fill more competitors stadiums (not arenas - those are a hockey thing, remember) - than any other CFL fan base does.

Statistically speaking this is 100% correct. If that sets you off I’m sorry, but I cannot change what is fact.

...see what I mean...thanks for backing up my stats that you're an unpleasant entity around here...

I’m sorry dude. It is what it is. your own mind

You do not have to remind me of anything.

I know what I wrote.

BTW, bored today are we ?

Must be for you to take the time to dig that up.

...super bored to spend all of 20 seconds or so to find that gem....just didn't want you to forget how you turned your back on your team earlier this year that's all...but I see you're taking the maas approach to this so wear it well...

Oh, Ok. Well done then.

Thanks for sharing.