All Rider Fans Are More Than Welcome

To join us in cheering on the Stamps to will the Grey Cup.

I assume Rider fans will be cheering for the Stamps.

Think of it as the Stamps getting revenge for you.


I’m a Rider fan and will be cheering for Argos for two reasons:

  1. Ricky Ray deserves a shot to go out on top

  2. I’m still hopeful that another Eastern team GC win MIGHT reduce some of the apathy out east and make the CFL stronger

I’d watch a soccer game before that would happen. GO ARGOOOOS.

If the Esks had won and the Riders had come out of the East .....

I would for sure cheer for the Riders.

C'mon return the favour.

I just went back to reread this and thought it was cute:

Stamps fans now want Rider fans to join them in cheering the Stamps.

Rider fans always want Stamps fans to start cheering for the Stamps.

And maybe they will fill their park one day and then CFL football excitement grows.

I would be happier if Stamps could get their people to cheer for them first

Then maybe they should stop hogging all the good seats at McMahon. ;D

For real ?

Did you see the game ? A decent crowd was cheering.

As did Argo fans.

Lots of empty seats today in McMahon. How can Starbucks or the mall be that interesting?

Playoff football and #1 overall deserves a rabid, oversold crowd.

But decent works I guess

McMahon was packed in way more than BMO was…seas of empty seats there. Either way, a total embarrassment IMO. How can you NOT sell out a playoff game? That shouldn’t be an issue…not ever. Someone explain.

Like I said, the mall and Starbucks rocks their routines

Lol. Good one.

Or maybe the Argos need to fire their whole marketing staff. Seriously, that turnout was a joke.

More new immigrants know where BMO Field is - than lifelong Torontonians do.

Not going to happen. Toronto is my second favourite team. Ray deserves one more and he'll go out as qb with the most GC wins at 4.

The cfl playoff attendances have to be of concern that something is mega wrong. Here in Winnipeg you could have sat in whatever section you wanted last week (and it was a nice weather day).
First of all.....isn’t Saturday a day you can play football? Isn’t the NFL the best marketed entertainment in the world? So why go head to head with them when you are the same sport with perhaps some of the same fans?
Secondly....look at your habit of randomly playing games on so many different days all summer. I would like to go to all the games. But I am not a slave to whatever the schedule makers decide for what nights we will play. TSN likes the games to be spread out but wouldn’t it make more sense to just use Friday’s and Saturday’s. 2 games each?

You’re the only person saying that, even the CFL hating Sportsnet are calling it a successful day. And they take every chance they get to s–t on the Argos and CFL.

If a successful day for the Argos includes staging an East Final in a brand new but half empty stadium, then something is terribly wrong in Toronto, don’t you think? Congrats to them on their win, though.

Where are you getting half full from? Were you watching the same game? Yes there are issues in Toronto but combine half the city being foreign-born and having 6 sports teams and countless entertainment options along with limited disposable income and that’s what you get. Put an MLB team, NBA team, MLS team and replace half the population of Edmonton with immigrants and i GUARANTEE you the Eskimos would take a big hit at the gate. Unless you live in Toronto you just don’t get it. It’s just as frustrating for us as it is for other teams fans. Being told that we don’t deserve our team is frustrating when you put a good chunk of your disposable income towards buying tickets/merch and supporting the team, jump for joy when they win and punch a hole in the wall when they lose. So please. Let us worry about the Argos. You worry about your own team.