All-Pro Game

I would love to see an all-pro game in the CFL. They are talking about doing away with byes next year. What if they had a all-pro break after week 9 and had at it? I know the difficulty in doing that is the potential for injuries especially at mid-season but I still think it would be cool.

click on my blog link below, there i a link on there to my petition to the league for an All Star game.

why do it @ week 9? why not 2 weeks after the grey cup?

exactly, dont risk injurys when teams are going for a cup run.

I would much rather see a Can/Am college allstar game sometime in December but with Canada being able to use any graduating senior Canadian in the NCAA as well as the CIS players. CFL rules and could be played in the Rogers Center or BC Place.

I would love an Allstar game too.