All Ottawa needs is competent management running the team.

Give Ottawa fans a winning team and Frank Clair Stadium will be full again. 30 years of losing and bad ownership has caused the current situation. If someone would've said to me in 1977, that Ottawa would not win another Grey Cup for the next 30 years I would've said they were insane. When Ottawa had good competitive teams (up until 1979) when we had Clair, Clements and Gabriel, the stadium was always sold out and that was when the stadium was bigger. It held 32,000 then, now it holds 28,000.

Hopefully, I think everyone, myself included, have try to analyze the situation to death, and it's getting us all a bit or a lot frustrated.

i've given up waiting for a decision. wake me up when something is announced.

I'm with you Gades. I'm taking a break from the forum for a week. Its starting to get me down....Good luck to the Gades!