All of us NEED to take to twitter!

There are 35k+ people(and growing everyday) who follow the Toronto Argonauts via twitter. We need to create chatter on there as a means to coordinate with the less fervent fan and encourage them to come out either for the Eastern Final or any regular season game. If we can get them hooked they will like me find outlets to inform themselves and discuss their passion for the team/game.
twitter is abuzz right now with ticats chatter as they are moving in hordes to buy up seats at SKYDOME. We need to do the same, everyone is one #Hashtag away from joining the conversation. Let's pack this house by creating notoriety on social media.

How exactly do you plan on compelling people to follow Argo-centric social-media? Disguise it as something else or create some sort of spam-bot? People filter their social-media links to what they are interested in so I fail to see how this will be anything more than preaching to the choir.

they dont have to follow anything, all that has to be done is the elevation of the Argonauts(or CFLs) profile. In my case, i have 100 followers on twitter, and 500 friends on facebook. I routinely retweet alot of what the Argos and fellow CFLers say. that automatically reaches my 100 followers on twitter, and because of the link up with my facebook account, the 500 of my friends, regardless of any filter they may have(unless of course, they've blocked me, but for that they may as well delete me). Twitter especially is known for listing its trending topics, so you just have to get the chatter of a topic high enough that people will become curious and hopefully intrigued enough that they decide to snoop around and see what the fuss is about. If youre well informed enough about the CFL, you can argue with even the most fervent of die hard nfl wanna be fans, and yield a positive result. Ive been lucky enough to convince a number of people to watch on TV and come out to watch a game with those efforts and even converted people to start watching football period. you just have to put in the effort man. Big things are happening


You should be hired as the marketing head for the Argo's, at least you have verifiable success in getting people to the game.

Really, I DO believe social media, and particularly twitter, is VASTLY overrated and is an abysmal marketing tool.

What most people do with social media is follow more social media and not the subject itself. It is rumour-chasing, voyeurism, celebrity fascination, and self-importance all wrapped-up in one unseemly bowl. And I am employed in a related high-tech industry that brought you this very 99% nonsense time-waster.

The Special teams coordinator is on par as an OC and DC and he shouldn't need DC experience before coming a HC. In fact the ST coach deals with both offense and defensive players on a regular basis, making them more experienced as a team manager.