All is Lost: a Doomsday Thread

Here's an idea for a thread to collect all the negative thoughts and doomsday scenarios. That way, perhaps other threads can stay on topic.

I'll get the ball rolling:

  • Every decision the Tiger-Cats make is the wrong one.
  • If we re-sign a player, either (a) we should not have, (b) we overpaid him, or (c) we underpaid him.
  • If we do not re-sign a player, it was a grave mistake.
  • If any other team signs a player - any player - we were asleep at the switch.
  • The owners don't care about the fans or winning.
  • The coaches are making decisions they know will hurt our chances, just because.
  • All other organizations in the league are better run than ours.
  • If the team does something and it's not immediately obvious why it's a mistake, let's just assume it must be a mistake and slam them for it anyway.
  • We may not win a game this season, or ever again.
  • There is no hope.

All contributions welcome.


Anybody that does not agree with all of the above is a beta mope.

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Finally a thread that makes sense if we stick to the rules.:+1:

Thank you….thank you….thank you.:pray::pray::pray:

But I have no reason to post on this thread without going off topic.


I'm not sure which we should discuss first?
The impending Doom or start with the Gloom and ease into the Doom!


If posters want to be negative, that is not going off-topic. Cats fans who are critical of the team have every right to air their opinions, just like Cats fans who think the organization is doing a great job. This thread doesn't need to exist and will only lead to trolling. So I'm closing it.