All in on Cody F

With the trade of zak it’s clear that this is now Cody’s team.

I hope they move quickly to lock him up beyond this year - the way he is playing he will get lots of interest if he hits the free market

Agreed, lock him up BUT
also keep developing Harker cause he also has the right stuff with an impressive Resume and comments from NFL teams that were drafting.
Harker imo is a “diamond in the rough”

Yeah, Harker seems very promising. If he gets some action, I think people will be surprised with how much of the playbook he has down for such limited reps,.

From what I have seen, I think Farjardo has the potential to lead a team, hopefully the Riders to a championship. This is the first time in years I feel good about the Riders at quarterback. He’s not there yet, but he certainly can be as he continues to learn more by playing.


As far as Fajardo is concerned he is definitely a ‘Bright Light’ in what has been a fruitless effort in finding a ‘consistent’ QB that does seem to be moving the Offense with confidence.
Having said that, unless Cody clearly becomes a dominating force that drives the Riders to victories consistently,(and as the season progresses) showing that he can be an “elite” QB with the Riders, my longterm money is on the young Issac Harker.
He has to date been “undiscovered”.

Well, they better protect him or it won’t last long, he took several big hits in this last game ?

I am fine with his willingness to take some hits while rolling outside…that is a lower impact. He needs to get better at sliding in the middle though. His protection has been pretty good in the pocket…this was the #1 D in the league he was playing

I am liking what I see in Fajardo. He seems to be making some good decisions and not throwing a lot of interceptions or turning the ball over. He also has the ability to go deep and is good on his feet.

Yes Fajardo looked good again. Nice to see some consistency.
His willingness to run and his running ability certainly add another dimension to the Offence.
Looking good!

and remarkably, of is 4 picks, only one or two of them were really on him. I am suspecting that Taylor will be doing a piece on this in the next few weeks. He keeps very good stats on picks that are on the QB, not on the QB and should have been picked…the last one is why Bridge was rated so low.

If Fajardo can keep this up he should be in the conversation for MOP. after 7 games he has the highest pass completion percentage, pass efficiency, and yards per pass average. He is done in TDs compared to others BUT the Riders do lead the lead in Rushing TDs.