All In: Lions extend Vernon Adams Jr. through '24

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions are locked in on Vernon Adams Jr.

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I would think that puts to rest any idea of Fajardo or Evans going to BC for this year. After having Harris brought in on a low salary with assurances there was no threat to Vernon, bringing in another QB who has started multiple years like the above 2 would not be a comfortable situation.

So, assuming the Harris deal is ratified Feb 14 & McBeth signs back on, there is only 1 chair left in this round of musical chairs with 2 guys in play. IMO this almost certainly means Fajardo signs on in Mtl with Maas unless Evans is released outright. Why would you do that while there is a possibility of getting a draft pick for him - especially when you have no #2 or #3 in a deep draft. A lot can happen between now & May.

I do feel for Evans & Fajardo who are both looking at smaller paycheques, starter or no, IMO. The good news for some club is that they may get a very capable backup. I wouldn't count out Ottawa. They have 5 picks in the top 25 (#17 is a territorial so unlikely to trade their other 2nd rounder @#10). But one of their 3rd rounders would be worth it & certainly for the TiCats as well. Trading to a divisional opponent not ideal but...............

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Well that was fast. Seems every time I post something, right away something happens. FA - can't keep up.:smiley:So Dom Davis will sign Feb 14 to back up Adams. Not sure I see him as a good option @ back up but very good on 3rd down situations. Overall, good signing. Adams should feel pretty secure about that.

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I'm thinking if Jones is the mastermind some think he is, he has to be looking and talking to Evans, if he's doing his due diligence. To think Cornelius is of the same caliber as the so called "Bonafide starters" in this league is a bit of a stretch IMO.

Evans had a chance to be the guy & failed miserably. Steinhauer is no fool & saw he wasn't going anywhere with him. Why wouldn't Jones want him? Why would he?

Mitchell, bum shoulder & all, was a better option for Hamilton. O'Day is throwing 1MM+ @ a soon to be 37 year old QB rather than pursuing Evans & my guess is only an Als team with no options might take him on - though more likely Fajardo ends up there. Evans has neither the speed nor arm of Cornelius or Ford for that matter. And, like Fajardo, is high maintenance.

Why would you want to give up assets to trade for Evans? Bringing Evans on board would mean they would have to move out either Cornelius or Ford - makes no sense to carry all 3 on salary. If Cornelius was released, he'd be scooped up immediately by some club. He ran a 4.7 40 @ his NFL combine - that's fast for a QB & he's 6'5", 230. And he has maybe the biggest arm in the league. You don't have to be a mastermind to see that's a bad idea IMO.

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Completely agree. :100: