all in all

it was a good game, cant realy get mad at the loss when we are miss are three best covermen, best receiver, and our up and coming reciver, so we will see what happens next week

More excuses?


typical sore loser responce!

No matter what your injuries , you have to have the personnel to replace them, and the Esks dont have the people to step up when they are called upon. I see them making changes for the sake of making changes, and no matter which team you are, its never good. Putting two DBs in the line-up only after two days of practice is asking for trouble , and you see the result.


ya ya ya
call whine one one!

We have been thought this last still dont know what you are talking about!

hey sambo we have no choice to put them in, we have 3 DBs out and our depth IS INJURED. we have no depth because they are hurt to

whine one one I like that lol

Corny all teams at this time of year have injuries. Did you notice our starting and backup middle linebacker were out. Big deal. I think though your team is definately missing Tucker. It actually happened twice.

ooooo wow a middle linebacker, we have 3 TOP DBS out best reciver and up and coming receiver then our depth DB gets hurt and were playing without one the rest of the game. id hardly put tht in the same comparision as losing shitty old brian clarke.

and im not saying its an exscuse. IM SAYING I CANT BE MAD AT THE TEAM. its hard to exspect a victory when your without tht much talent.

right only injuries on your team are meaning full!

another thread full of people whining about whiners. Continue! :smiley:

You must have a sad life, if this is your only entertaiment.. I bet you laugh at the victims of Robert Pickton too, dont you?

what does tht comment have to do with robert pickton?

Injuries are not an excuse, they are a fact. There's no doubt in my mind the Esks would have won today if healthy, just like I think the Lions would have a better record if we had our QB's healthy. Unfortunately they do happen, but I can definetly empathize with you on losing a few games with less than a full line-up.

Yeah thats even close to the same. Whine more plz

yah and the only team tht i can think of tht has had it worst then us are the BC Lions, and well they have showed there metal of being just a better footall team then the eskies by having so much talent depth .and thts a sign of a great team

I can do it, I will do it, and I'm going to
do it.

Corne did you have your crying towel handy??

Injuries are part of the game, RLR's team wins and he whines about injuries. Sask has 17 guys on the injured list, but we keep winning, because we have the guys that can come in and are capable replacements for those that are injured. Its not too hard to comprehend, but RLR seems to have a tough time grasping the concept.