All I Want to Know is

Ok, I am going to try to drive up to the game on Sat, so I won't miss what is I suspect the biggest game played at IW in five years---but what I am wanting to know is--if we win Saturday and then lose the next week at Royal Canadian Air Force Headquarters can we, and how do we, make the playoffs. I sure hope it does not end up this way and we win both, but I fear this is how it will look on that Sunday when the regular season is over, so what has to happen in the case I've presented for us to get in.

Allow me to steer you to the post I made last night about the 2 playoff scenarios for the Cats.


Our home game on Hallowe'en means squat for us if Edmonton wins.

if we lose the next 2 and Eskies lose both ..we're in.
If we win on Sat and lose in peg ... Eskies lose 1...we're in.

in other words , eskies need a BETTER record than us to get in.
A tie record does not allow the cross over.

That's not true. Edmonton can win, but Hamilton would also need to win against Saskatchewan. So the game is huge no matter what Edmonton does.

Yes we can. Here's how:

1)Losing in WPG means HAM finishes in THIRD place.
2)Winning this Saturday vs SSK. would give HAM 16 pts. in the standings.
3)If both 1) & 2) happen, then HAM WILL make the playoffs (and play the semi-final in WPG, Nov. 15) if HAM's season ending standing is EQUAL TO or better than that of the lower finishing of the two Western teams -- BC & EDM

Right now:
BC has 16 pts and play this Saturday @ home to CAL, then the following Friday @ home to EDM
EDM has 14 pts and play this Friday @ home to TOR, the the following Friday in BC

An example of one possibility (one we're hoping for to settle it this weekend):
HAM beats SSK and EDM loses to TOR. Then HAM has 16 pts., EDM has 14 pts with only one game left, and therefore cannot finish with a BETTER record than HAM.

Ok, let me change my question a little-(or as I like to say, let me re-phrase) What happens if :
1 We win Sat and peg loses on Sat then we lose to peg the next Sun
2 We win on Sat then lose at peg next Sun, but Edm wins both their games left

And finally, am I crazy for saying that if Hamilton is really a football town there should be at least 24,000 people there on Sat, I don't think that is too crazy of a statement, I suspect at LEAST 2,000 people there will be wearing green, so that would mean you only need 22,000 black and gold folks.

Too many question, lets just go out and support our team. If the weather is decent a sellout is possible. The team and Bob Young deserve all our support. Lets do this thing cat fans!
Doc 8)

OK! For point #2 We are out of the playoffs period.
For point #1 With a tie with the Peg, they take the draw because they won 2 of the 3 games they played us.
so the peg would take second place. but we could take third if Edm doesn't win both or win and tie their remaining
games. If they did we again would not make the playoffs.

I think if the Argos pull off a win in Edmonton next friday we are in good shape to make the playoffs.


The only way we get a home playoff game is if we beat the peg in 2 weeks.
even if we lose this saturday, but then win the fallowing weak were in second.

at least i think thats correct.

That's right. Saturday's game has only cross-over implications, which means it is not a meaningless game. Win or lose on Saturday and we will still have a shot at second place in Winnipeg.