All I want for Christmas: Masoli, Banks and Tasker signed, sealed and delivered.

Not hearing much on progress, is there a chance we lose them all??

Masoli - got exponentially better every game, smooth, reliable, great passer, great runner, entertaining and great fundamentals. (IMO, I think he will be a superstar).
Masoli - Reality - With all the Manziel talk, Masoli signs with Montreal for big starting QB money and Austin/Jones throw away 8 games trying to groom Manziel for the starters job that normally takes about 4 years to earn.

Banks - 1,000 yards in half a season, super exciting, fan favourite, great route runner and td guy, just all around entertaining. (I would really miss him for pure entertainment value.)
Banks - Reality - may be expendable due to salary he may command and age and the fact they may think there are a half a dozen more Aultmans and Saunders out there they can sign instead of Speedy for a fraction of his salary.

Tasker - Clutch, tough, great hands, team leader, reliable receiver.
Tasker - Reality, lack of speed, needs speed around him, possibly command too much money in a bidding war - lack of speed may make him expendable. Took a lot of hard hits the last couple of years.

Montreal will not sign Masolli to starter $$. They want someone with a big name to make a splash.
Everything else makes sense.

Tasker is the most important here.

Banks, replaceable.

Masoli as a back-up.

Tasker is the Tommy Joe Coffey, Rockey DiPietro, Darren Flutie of his day. We need that 2nd and short dependable guy.

Banks opens up space for other receivers; also versatile for kick returns.

Some of the greatest receivers were not that fast but instead had a very high football IQ and were able to consistently find the soft spots in the coverage. Dipietro, Flutie, Stala, Cahoon, Nik Lewis, Fantuz and so on.

Tasker is not expendable.

Banks will be past the point of returns. He wants to be considered a receiver full time.

Agreed. He is Fantuz with the wrong passport. Tasker hasn't even hit his peak yet. This is why you don't let him go.

I really don't understand the Banks is replaceable argument at all.. fastest player in the league and the guy was by far our most explosive player as always and our best receiver cracking 1000 yds despite only starting half a year and being a 5'7 150 pound wideout. How could you not want to see this spread out over a full season, he's the FA we need back more than anyone else. Tell me how he's not.

Put speed on speed to defend him, or play him tight man on man, and his route running and shaky hands could be an issue? Especially earlier in the season when the games still matter. Definitely exciting, adds that buzz element to the game, but remember when he was so explosive on returns? Eventually DCs figure him out and speed alone is not enough. IMO Speedy will need to improve in running routes and in “attacking the ball? on the less than perfect throw before he becomes irreplaceable.

Banks isn't only about speed tho he's pound for pound the toughest most explosive offensive player in the league.. no D coordinator did figure him out either he was torching everyone for well over 100 yds every week the best guys like Chris Randle we're playing him tight and fast and getting streaked on. It's not just "speed" it's outerwordly speed and fear of that speed that distinguish what he can do for a team, if you think Jalen(real shaky hands) Saunders and Tasker get anywhere near 1000 Yds if Banks doesn't start at receiver the end of last year your not understanding football right.

We need him back. Him and Larry Dean are the most irreplaceable guys on the free agent list this year. I don't understand the casual indifference the 11 people who use this forum have for him as a necessity. He's the only one any young fan in Hamilton can name on the team and the only one who year in year out has exciting highlight videos worth watching. (Ross Scheurmann highlight video srsly?)

The BIG question is not whether the TiCats will re-sign Banks,
It is whether Banks wants to re-sign with the TiCats??

Totally agree..This is def the scariest question this off season to me.

Why is it that you fellows who hype a certain player always use the "you don't know/don't understand football" taunt when others disagree with your assessment? I personally don't believe that Banks is the reason that Tasker, or Saunders for that matter, are primary receivers on any given play, make clutch catches, or gain clutch yards. I further don't agree that means I am "not understanding football right". It does, however, mean that I do not see Banks in the same glowing light as you. Just a difference of opinions.

Haha it's just different kinds of people...I basically look at the opinion that Banks is replaceable like a flat earther saying I believe the Earth is flat not round. I see a fundamental flaw in how your reasoning that to be true. I can't just say "hey your opinion is as valid as mine", since I absolutely dont see them as equal. There is a right and wrong one, and you just can't see your on the wrong side for some reason... Think that's just the way us fellows are, all opinions aren't equal and the world is ROUND!

As Charles deGaulle said, "the graveyards are filled with indispensable people."

Whiskey views his(her) opinions as facts. Here's some historical context . Hugh Campbell of the Riders had glacial speed but the TiCats put their fastest and best DB on him (Garney Henley). The reasoning was that Campbell caught everything thrown his way and his route running was other worldly . Which player would you want on your team ? Rider fans and Cat fans would have different answers to that question and that is what football is all about . If both players were on the same team, a dynasty of Ming proportions would have been created .

Who's better ? Franco or OJ ? If you count the rings, there is no doubt but Bills fans would disagree.2 completely different backs and obviously 2 completely different people . I'd pick the "Immaculate Guy" but that's just me .

Speedy is a great player who has been well treated by the Cats and I hope he returns . Football lives are short, unless of course you are Garney Henley .Thanks to Grover for the reminder .

Pat Lynch (the old guy wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Grey Cup for the Cats in 2018 )

I don't know. The team seems to have been able to replace irreplaceable fast receivers / returners a few times in the past. The difference with losing Banks is we'd be losing him to another team in the league immediately rather than to the NFL, so we'd end up having to defend against him in his prime.

Plus, we have a few replacements for him on the roster already. Maybe not quite as explosive - yet - but the potential is there.

So were the Argos last year. Thats what I'm worried about.

Very well said