All I want for Christmas is....

Finish the statement:

All I want for Christmas for my team is...

  • a quality defensive back

A Better QB

All of your cash!

Something under the tree featuring the best each team

From BC, Brent Johnson
From Calgary, Sandro DeAngelis
From Regina, Rider Fans
From Winnipeg, Milt
From Toronto, Pinball
From Hamilton, Jason Mass for a future coach
From Montreal, Ben Cahoon
For Ottawa and Hamilton, A team
From Edmonton, Head and lovely shoulders the best in the CFL, THE ESKIMO CHEERLEADERS!!!!

It's my Christmas list and my fantasy.

The only thing to top cfleskfan's list......

A second Grey Cup in a row!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

(Especially since BC's never done a back to back )

How about a TEAM, for Ottawa!

All I want for Christmas is.??
World peace and one of those PSP hand held things..
Ya I know...Thirty nine n still playing games..
For me Bombers, we need a backup QB..
I would settle for World peace though...

An End To All This nFL Expansion To Canada Talk, And Two More CFL Teams. Maybe I'm Getting A Little Greedy But I'd Settle For One Or The Other.

.....Roy Shivers to stay as far away from the Riders as humanly possible for all of eternity.....

And the CFL!! :thup:

To answer the question:

For Robert Edwards to be given the amount of touches that he deserves so he can shine like he's supposed to.

All I want for the Bombers is Casey Printers!!! Okay thats dreaming! An attainable wishlist would be a proven CFL Qb to either replace Glenn or as a very strong backup for him!
A financially stable 10 team league(Ottawa/Maritimes). You did say this is a Xmas wishlist correct? So I'am allowed to dream!!

For Jesse Palmer to get at least 4 or 5 starts at QB for the Als and a deep threat receiver.

10 stable CFL franchises
a long-term replacement for Anthony Calvillo
Alouettes receivers who can actually get open and catch the ball
for Hamilton not to suck hard this coming year (they're a divisional rival, but this kind of suckitude is bad for the league)

For Hamilton to get a playoff berth

A real coach for the als

a good back up QB(banks for a lot less money[hes shown in the final game of the season hes coming along], or crandell through trade would be better) , steve morely, a good kicker out of the draft and resign most of our free agents for the bombers

a White Jesse Lumsden Jersey
a Red Ken-Yon Rambo Jersey
a Green Kerry Joseph Jersey

10 new starters on offense(Bruce & Talbot can stay)

no Tony Miles?