All i want for christmas is a trade

Glenn for Mass straight up

...after watching Maas yesterday against T.O.....i wouldn't trade an old boot for him.....there seems to be something wrong with the guy....either physically or his head ain;t there (hamilton)... :thdn:

for the very little skill increase he would be, it wouldnt be worth it for the loss of chemistry.

Glenn is fine, dont forget he was playing with an injury that would have shelved most guys for another 2 weeks, the Riders just wanted it more, our guys will have to show the same determination if they hope to win.

ok, 1 int for 4 int, that mnakes sense, STICK WITH GLENN!!!

No way. Not this year anyway. Stick with Glenn.

We could send you Dickenson next year :wink: For say, um, who would we want?

All three?

Stegalland Doug Brown to BC for Buck Pierce, Korey Banks and Jason Clermont

Roberts and Abhou Merchak for Korey Holmes and Rob Hitchcock