All I The Great and Powerfull Wizzard Of Hamilton



(1) A QB with heart for this City.
(2) a 1#WR
(3) A Middle Linebacker
(4) a Home Playoff Game
(5) And if you can do it a Grey Cup…

Signed Ticat Fans

You forgot:
a) a Safety, and
b) an offensive line.


That is too funny..nice to see someone post some humor for once..

New coaches a D line and cheap beer, O hell a new team and a new stadium.

Desjardins is very outspoken - some of which I agree with, some of which I am unsure - he now needs to back up his words with some actions - it will be a very interesting off season

Decent effort, Onknight, but you should have stuck with the theme for maximum impact. You went with "heart" for point #1, and "home" for #4. But you declined to include the obvious "brain" and "courage" points.

I'm not going to try to do it because I think you deserve a chance to complete your original thought.

a #1 WR with enough BRAINS to run a proper route... (that one was for all you yeast posters out

a MLB with less courage (hear me out) so that he'll attack the RBs on the line and not after they build up a head of steam for 7 yards.

there ya go onknight,

Odd, we've been told for years that LANCASTER was the all-powerfull one.
But now it's Desjardins?
But wouldn't that mean Lancaster would have exercised his total control of the franchise in pushing Katz aside and hiring Desjardins in the first place?
Or is Desjardins just another puppet?
Very confusing.
We need the Lancaster as Puppet Master crowd to make a flow chart of the TiCat power structure.


I sure don't see any "puppet" factor at work with Marcel Desardins. The latest example is the injury situation with Maas. Finally someone has come out (see the Spec piece on this website) and admitted Maas is still injured.  Lancaster has never admitted that.

I can't see Marcel being yanked around by anyone based on what he has done and said in the short time he has been in Hamilton.
Once this season is over I expect Lancaster will make a graceful exit from his history-making football career. I just wish he could have gone out with a better ending but I suspect his on-field performance and coaching victories will be what most people will remember in future years.

I know, 62, I was being sarcastic. There's still people out there blinded by hatred and idiotic bias who really think Lancaster controls nearly every aspect of the team.

Interesting to note they havn't congratulated Lancaster on his hiring of Desjardins.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Correction...being sarcastic???? Sorry,you were being "Yourself"...a troll in the first degree!

Don't know who the "Olde Boys Club Is" eh? :roll:

Can't decide if you like Desjardines or not???? :roll:

Maas is Great??? Hurt???? Slacker???? Washed Up????? :roll:

Twisting statements and making statements on your own, only to try to credit them to somebody else???? :roll:

Having a man-love thing for Ron Lancaster????? :roll:

Listen up zontar...take your drivel back under your are a smart-alec and a lot of people are not interested in you and your "Little Gang"!

Are you all going to get nice "Blue Uniforms" and stand around and look important while you pass judgement on everyone else???

You have no more say than anyone else around don't be making fun of somebody elses opinion!

But, for the record...YES...I agree with Mikey03 on this one....Lancaster has been inflicting his opinion and his wishes on this team all along!

You can't deny that...he is the only constant in all this. He put this team together and he should accept some of the responsibility! (MAAS is great at apologising) Let him admit his mistakes!

Marcel is a new face. Hopefully he is his own man! time will tell...I'll give him his chance!

He is showing Lancaster some respect by letting him finish out the season. Lancaster will stay on , I'm sure in some capacity...Goodwill Ambassador if you will. His "Patton Like"..."Little General" attitude and refusing to admit mistakes has put this team in the hole they are in. He made the trades! Don't kid yourself, and for the record...Katz was "interim GM", under RL, the head of football operations ... (remember the guy who was showing Katz the ropes)
He pushed for his good buddy PAOPAO and he wanted to coach MAAS! He got his wishes and look what we got!

Give it a rest..the season is over and lets hope that Lancaster stays out of football ops from here on in. Time has past him by!

By the way, too...Stop lurking in the shadows..come out in the open! (anybody notice he lurks...doesn't log on?) :roll:

Enjoy talking to yourself! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I liked it better when I was on "ignore mode".

Yea...truth hurts eh? Join the board as a regular poster and stop the won't need to be on people's "ignore mode"!

Have a nice day!

I liked it better on ignore mode then I wouldnt be subjected to your non-sensical, contradictory ramblings from the geriatric ward.

P.S. Woody, save some wine for dinner.

Woody YOU are a troll of the very best (or in your case,worst) kind.Please for the LAST time YOU are the very definition of a troll and you proved it again.Please stop this kind of activity for the rest of the members on this board. You are truly the worst and most confrontational member on this site. Just thought you would like to know.

Well, Thank You...same to you...Happy Thanksgiving!

Actually we are having our second Thanksgiving Dinner today....The wifes side yesterday...mine today.

And the wine???? Yes we are having our "own"...California (white)#2 and Zinfandel(pink)#2

Sandy has been making wine for some time...very good!

Good, but hitting the bottle before noon is one of the danger signs I think, you might want to put the cork back in, or in your case, the twist cap back on.

If you guys can't play nice you have to get out of the sand box.

:P :lol: :lol:

sorry…you are wrong again…And You Know It…And try as you like…remember zontar already told you that “the gang” wasn’t taking on new members! :roll:

Now, let me point out that I simply responded to Zontar’s troll in an earlier post about the whining about Lancaster…directed at Mikey03 and anyone else who thinks that Lancaster should not be HC.

Got it Now?..that was trolling by zontar…he does it all the time and he needed to be reminded that it is not good for the forum.'s corked! :wink: :lol: