All I can say is...

Wow! I have never felt such a lack of confidence in the Tiger-Cats organization as I do right now.

The events of this past week have convinced me that the Cats are in more disarray than ever before. Just about the worst thing you can do to a football team is to fire the coach mid-season. Now I understand that Charlie made some suspect decisions and comments to the media but my interpretation of the team’s play is that they were significantly improved over last season. We are all too familiar at this point that firing the coach mid-season means we can forget about playing competitive football for the rest of the year (and let’s not even think about playoffs). Secondly, the Zeke Moreno trade (or giveaway) is simply mind-boggling. Obie, if you think Charlie made some bad decisions this year, well yours just took the cake. This is inexcusable from a professional GM. Sadly things will get even worse before they get better.

At the start of the season I truly thought the Cats were moving in the right direction and would even have a good chance of making the playoffs. We were competitive. We scared teams with our rushing attack. Our defense showed tremendous fight at times. With Charlie and Zeke gone, what kind of team are we going to be? Is our new head coach - the one that has no CFL head coaching experiece - going to do a better job than Charlie? The answer is no. Is the defense going to be better without our all-star middle linebacker? Obviously not. Is Danny Mac going to be a better OC than Marcel? Maybe. When I look at these questions I see that the team is getting worse, so why are we doing these things? That I cannot answer.

All I can do at this point is salvage what little sanity this team has not taken away from me. I will do this by removing myself from this team until I can see from a distance that they are actually showing some signs of success (or have ridden themselves of stupidity). Call me a fair-weather fan or whatever you want. I have been to every game for the past 3 seasons (which I know pales in comparison to some die-hards on this forum) but I just can’t take it anymore.

Is there any chance that Obie knows what he`s doing and that Moreno WAS expandable and that maybe we will be a better defenzive team without him ?

Give peace a chance

I'm still willing to give Obie the benefit of the doubt. I think the original deal for Canada was sound. Not so sure about the events that transpired from that point, but, nothing is certain in sports.