All I can say is Thank God Hockey's Back

With the way the Gades are playing, and it really is sad and deserving of Euthinasia, all I can say is Thank God hockey is back. At least we're not a one trick town. That must suck.

Bring home The Stanley Cup to it's Birthplace! Can't wait.

Cup is coming to Vancouver this year!

ugh Hockey

I've already drafted 4 fantasy teams on Yahoo sports, Can't wait!
And the Habs have a lot of good young talent to watch.

I looooove hockey, it and the CFL hold equal standing in my eyes .... (btw, I think the NHL is a load of crap, and I hate it, but I love hockey)

Cup's gonna be in Calgary this year my friends ... sorry to disappoint ya :wink:

Stick by your Gades supersmith ... I really hope they pull out a playoff spot ... but I'm starting to get worried myself ... either way, stand by them!

The one thing that bites about the Canucks' sked this year is that they're on a road trip during GC Weekend (in Phoenix on the Sat., Colorado, the day of the game). I always thought it'd be cool to go to the local NHL game the night before the GC. (Montreal had that luxury in 2001, and if not for the lockout, Ottawa would've done it last year). Guess I'll have to wait til 2007 when, and if, the GC is back in Toronto.

I think hockey is horrible. Same with the NHL.

1000 percent agree

Vancouver and Ottawa in the Stanley finals, Vancouver takes the cup.

But with the new rule chages, I don't think I'll follow NHL until the CFL season is over.

With all the player moves this season, the NHL never looked better, can't wait to see the first puck drop... in a regular season for the CFL,even though my team backed themself into a corner, it's a great time of year for watching CFL....

What's the problem with "one trick towns" ? Us here in Saskatchewan only have the Riders, and we do just fine. We love our jr. hockey, very succesful jr. football, university sports, we would cheer for our home grown athletes over, high priced, whinny, professional athletes any day.

I remember a few years back there was talk about moving the St. Louis Blues to Saskatoon (this was a while before they signed Gretzky as a late-season filler). I think had they gone through with the move, they would've easily supported them. Thing is, Saskatchewan Place would've needed some serious upgrades if they wanted to stay long-term, if not build a new arena.

NHL: The Toronto Maple Leafs Baby! GO LEAFS!

Leafs are brutal, sorry buddy.

After last year, the fighting over $ and the "good Canadian boys" who are no longer, I agree with some of you others, WHO CARES ABOUT NHL.

Whatever buddy......

Canucks will take the cup!


Northwest Division will be the toughest in the league with Oilers, Canucks, Flames and Avalanche.

Whatever those of you who are hatting the NHL - please don't try to do what baseball fans did. The minute the excitement of the season beginning you'll be loving the NHL all over again!!!

Go SENS. We are unbeatable this year!!

Shame the LEAFS will suck so hard this year. It would have been fun to pummel them properly this year in the playoffs... To bad they won't make the playoffs this year!

Go Sens and Canucks, but mostly GO CANUCKS!

NO Goalie,one line,one guy who likes to hit from behind!!!
No chance!!!!