All I am saying, is give Maas a chance

Jason Maas is fighting out there for this team every week, and we shouldn't be too hasty and go throwing him out after one bad season. We watched Danny Mac have several of those but then we gave him the chance to BUILD a team and they came up to win the Cup.

Everytime something goes wrong in Hamilton, the team fires some fall guy. No wonder the boys haven't looked like a team most of the season. Give Maas & everyone else the chance to gel. Get yourselves a decent second-string QB and work as a team. It takes time to build a winning franchise.

This team has had long enough "time to gel" so why don't you stop using that over used phrase, this team does not "need to gel"...this team needs to play football and WIN! Maas will take the fall for this season because he cannot play at the level he was at a few years ago before his injury! Get that through your head!

What are you talking about?

A chance? any other team would have pulled him in the first quarter during the past 3 - 4 games. The last straw for him in my opinion was the last play of the game today when we needed to score and he threw the ball out of bounds !!! What chance would any receiver have of catching that?

Danny Mac had a few bad seasons towards the end of his career. After he won a Grey Cup for the Tiger-Cats. Maas should be in his prime.

Please tell me your kidding...



No Kidding. And to top it off it was also very high and poorly thrown!

Of course, we have known he can’t throw the long ball all along… but yet they keep starting him. :roll: Big Mistake!

Put Kevin Eakin in…at least he has a strong arm. Rickey Williams seems to have a decent arm and can run well from what little we have seen of him. There is no future in Maas in Hamilton, I’m sure, so lets see if Kevin and Rickey can get the job done. Give them half the opportunity we have given…“THE MAAS MISTAKE!”

If they could work out a good offence with passes under 20 yards and throw them very accurately then the offence could work. But, as it is, other teams expect the short routes since Maas hasn't been able to throw the long ball well which really hurts the team in the end. I think Maas lost his confidence early in the season when their short pass offence wasn't working and it's all been downhill from there.