All hope is not lost

On this bright and sunny midsummer's morn, my extensively expert research team has done the math and followed the science and the Tiger-Cats will finish 3rd with a 7-11 record with the Argos and the Alouettes tied at 8-10 but Toronto will have the tie-break and the bye. In the West, we are sure the Riders can do no better than 7 wins so there will be no crossover this year. So as you all know, anything can happen in CFL playoff games and the Cup.
But seriously (only semi-seriously), the predictions were made with the my own power rankings in my head, the fact that Hamilton can only seem to finish off home games against much lesser opponents and how bad I think things have gotten in Regina.

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I don't know Frank. I'm looking out my window right now and it looks kind of overcast. :smile:

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My mindset has completely shifted - from being quite enthused early on about this team making the playoffs and having a good run to the GC - to - simply trying to be entertained game to game and hoping for a win.

This team doesn't have the horses or mentality to do much with the rest of this season.

My bigger concern is that barring a minor miracle this trend will carry over to next season when we host the big game.


I find the concept that is being pushed that just because the game is close in score it is entertaining frustrating.

Watching two teams fight to lose a game and having the referees make strange and frustrating calls is not entertaining.

This is exactly how I feel at this point in the season.

What's most frustrating about this team is that their losses are not real blowouts. That is more scary because the head honchos might be of the opinion that a simple tweak here or there could fix this team. In fact the organization needs to improve as a whole.

Not that I would ever cheer against the Cats (it's just not in my DNA) but if they crap out the rest of the season then we could expect wholesale changes. It may or may not be a silver lining but something has got to change the trajectory of this team.


Honestly my most optimistic prediction is that Saskie continues to falter and we wind up in 3rd in the East with the final play-off spot and avert the dreaded crossover . After that I figure us to lose the ESF on the road to either Tor or Mtl and thus this season comes to a merciful end .

I honestly don't think I want to see this team stumble and bumble into the Grey Cup sporting an under .500 record and then get blasted by whoever comes out of the West . I feel that it would be a false flag security blanket that would induce management to probably not make the necessary changes to improve the club moving forward to actually being a half decent team and a possible contender instead of a perennial pretender to the throne .


Al Bruno would disagree with you :slight_smile:


I once had Hope, but I lost her to my ex-best friend, sobbb

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Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.