All Hail the Football God Fooks....

...dude wins both the 2009 VGCC and the 2009 Fantasy Huddle competitions....Great job Fooks!!!....

Has he ever posted anything else? I don't remember reading any posts of his, other than the Virtual Grey Cups! I don't even know what team he goes for! Nontheless, congratulations Fooks!

Isn't he a Rider fan? Maybe this will soften the blow of the loss. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, I'm a rider fan also. I placed 2nd and it didn't soften any of the blow for me,. In fact I still feel sick, but I like our chances for next year. :wink:

Thanks RedandWhite.

Ryooon: I rarely (almost never) post on the forums because I don't like the rampant speculation and pissing matches most posts contain. I would love to sit down and talk football with anybody, anywhere but I suspect the internet just isn't the medium for me. Any forum that could contain RLR is a forum I can't see myself being a huge presence.

However, I really love fantasy football and just the CFL in general. This forum is where I get my itch scratched. Thanks to all who competed this year in both the VGCC and the Huddle and I will take on all comers in 2010.