All Hail Dwight Anderson

i recall Anderson, making a amazing int at the Black and Gold game,{on buttler).. Another great int! :rockin:

Defense played great, minus the 3-4 play opening TD series for Calgary.
Thought that it was going to be a long night after:
Printers fumble
Calgary shredding are D for a TD
On-side kick recovery!

Sadly this is just not the case. Our defense has not been good at all during the year. Yes Anderson made the play at the end of the game. Yet his loose coverage earlier in the game allowed the Stamps to drive the field and score a major. Good defense would have shut the Stamps down back at the 40 not allow them to drive the field with a potential game winning major in the last minute.

Yeah me too and from those who were saying that he had too much attitude, celebrated too much and wasn't a team player.

I spotted Dwight right off the bat at Training camp this year and it was because he was a standout in both his play and his ability to fit in with a bunch of guys he didn't even know. I like Dwight and think he's going to be a star CB, but if he doesn't learn to tighten his helmet straps I'm going to go He loses his helmet on a tackle at least once a game. :smiley:

Great job,Dwight.